Monday’s Got Talent Open Mic @ Indika Saigon

Monday’s Got Talent Open Mic @ Indika Saigon

Event Information

Welcome to Monday Got Talent
An opportunity to have a good time together each Monday night from 8pm.
Hosted by Angee the Diva & Friends!
YOU GOT TALENT ? (a lot or just a little is enough) Bring it to the stage and let's have a good time together!
Calling all musicians, dancers, poets, comedians and performers of all types to the stage at Indika. Mondays just got a lot more fun!
All performers get a free bottle of Tiger beer.
Happy Hour on Indika's wood fire Pizza: buy 1 get 1 from 5 to 7.
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FREE entry.
8pm - 11pm

Indika Saigon
0165 658 1648

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