Ho Chi Minh City Resident Guide

So you want to live in Ho Chi Minh City

And not just live, you want to thrive and flourish. There’s one problem: no one takes your hand and walks you through it.

This book does.

The 2nd edition of Citypassguide’s Ho Chi Minh City Resident Guide offers expert advice from expats, locals, businesspeople, analysts, researchers and readers on how to enhance your life here.

  • Live in Ho Chi Minh City for years until you get an intuitive understanding of the complex cultural, economic and quotidian inner workings of the city.
  • Or, pick up a copy of the 2nd Edition Ho Chi Minh City Resident Guide and get expert advice from expatriates, locals, businessmen, analysts, researchers and readers on how to navigate your new life in the city.

Through decades worth of experience living in Vietnam, starting a successful business, raising kids, and visiting almost every possible eatery, attraction and facility (along with publishing the #1 guidebook in Vietnam for the past seven years), we’ve pooled our knowledge, asked hundreds of locals and expats, and compiled the most comprehensive guide to HCMC ever.

Ho Chi Minh City Resident Guide

 Why should I buy this book?


Get your head around the culture

Understanding the way of the Vietnamese can take a lifetime. This quick and easy reference guide will provide you with immediate answers to the most frequently asked questions of expatriates and residents alike.

Discover the best places to eat

Big surprises come in small packages. Get local knowledge of all the best cuisine that can be found in the most tucked away corners of the city.

Find the perfect school

Navigating Ho Chi Minh City's education system and finding best school for you or for your kids can be intimidating to say the least. This book gives you a comprehensive look into the city's best schools.

Never get bored

The city is rife with entertainment, from movies to sports to nightlife. It's just a matter of knowing when and where. The Resident Guide lays out a plethora of opportunities to help you unwind in a fun, easy format.

Find like-minded people

Moving to Vietnam doesn’t mean that you have to be isolated. Find out how you can meet like-minded individuals and engage in a variety of fun and productive activities ranging from group activities to meetups.

Shop till you drop

Saigon has enough boutique stores, street markets, luxury-malls and everything in between to satisfy any shopaholic. Find exactly what you need in an extensive shopping section covering an entire spectrum of goods.

 4 reasons this should be your next guidebook purchase


The most complete HCMC resident guide ever produced


700+ answers to important questions about life in HCMC


Over 1000+ select businesses and venues listed


300+ pages of credible and unbiased content written by local

Flip through our Resident Guide 2nd Edition

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Land a great job

Expats and affluent Vietnamese rely on our book for most of life’s daily questions, concerns and entertainment options.

Be Promoted on Multiple Channels

By using print and digital channels, we ensure that our exclusive partners can effectively reach interested premium local residents.

Build a Stronger Brand

Our partners are selected for their high quality standards, value and the exclusivity of their products and services.

Customize your guidebook

Get your personalized logo, messages and stickers on your copies of the Ho Chi Minh City Resident Guide Book.

 Where can I get my hands on a copy?

Purchasing a copy has never been easier!
For the first time ever, the Ho Chi Minh City Resident Guide Book is available in both digital and print versions. Visit our website or grab a copy from any of our premium distribution points. Between now and October 31st, 2015, order directly from our office by calling +84 8 3825 4316 or sending a request to resident@citypassguide.com and receive a VND50,000 discount. Keep an eye out for this exciting new product at any of the following outlet locations




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