Magners International Comedy Festival 2016 Comes to Saigon

Activities - Saigon/HCMC: March 11, 2016

If you’re the kind of person who likes to be very childish about adult things, then this is the comedy show for you. Magners, the popular producer of Irish cider, is bringing the best of upcoming international comedy exclusively to Southeast Asia this year for an explosion of topical humour, political jabs and dirty jokes. Just for us!

The Magners International Comedy Festival 2016 will be the next big thing on the comedy scene across the Golden Triangle. This March it is coming to Saigon.


The lineup for this year’s festival is a true cocktail of international tastes - from British wit to Canadian slurs, and our local favourites from Vietnam, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok. Twenty artists will be performing, many making their debut in Asia. Some of the performers have already displayed their talents with a number of high-profile appearances, such as on David Letterman, Jay Leno and various international comedy festivals.


Vietnam’s English speakers are no strangers to a good laugh. Both tasteful and wondrously raucous humour are well established in this country, thanks to Saigon International Comedy, Stand-Up-Saigon, the Hanoi Comedy Collective as well as local open mic nights around the country.

To kick off the festival, popular nightlife hotspot Saigon Ranger will be hosting the Big V Comedy Competition on Tuesday, March 15. The show will feature headliner Columbian Irish UK comic Matthew Giffen - an explosive gent with an excellent moustache - as well as three local amateur comedians competing on the Big V stage before a panel of Canadian professionals, with VND 10 million of prize money ready to be won, taken and enjoyed by whoever makes us giggle the most.


Hosted by Northern Irish comedian Martin Mor, the Big V is the ideal kick-off for the Magners International Comedy Festival, and a wake-up call for all you sleeping lions out there. Get up, get ready, and come on down for a night of serious frivolity.