Pedagogical University Dojo

VND 250,000/ 12 classes
VND 300,000/ 24 classes 

This centre teaches Nam Huỳnh Đạo, a traditional martial art.There are three specialties: An Dương Vương, Trần Quang Khải and Hoa Phượng.Prices depend on the equipment needed to prepare the students.

The founder of Nam Huỳnh Đạo is grand master Huỳnh Tuấn Kiệt, the seventh generation descendant of warrior general Nguyễn Huỳnh Đức under the Nguyễn dynasty (1748-1819). General Nguyễn was both a nobleman and a kung fu master; he played a significant role in founding and developing Gia Định, the southern province of Vietnam. General Nguyễn was the originator of the Huỳnh martial art style.

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