ABC International School’s New Secondary Campus in HCMC

Education - Saigon/HCMC: Jan. 2, 2019

The ABC International School (ABCIS), an award-winning provider of education for early years, primary and secondary school students since 1995, has created a new campus for secondary school learners. The brand new campus in Nha Be is equipped with impressive new facilities aimed at preparing students for their futures as learners in overseas universities. ABCIS practices an ethos which drives the school to develop well-rounded, open-minded, problem-solving students that excel in communicating, and possess strong skills for life. Their programs provide a plethora of leadership opportunities, preparing students to become successful individuals in whichever fields they put their minds into entering. ABCIS’ efforts in creating generation after generation of successful students have earned them the distinction of having one of the highest number of Cambridge Learner Awards in Vietnam over the last few years.


The ABC International School’s Top of the Line Facilities

The facilities at the new ABCIS campus are top-notch. They include a 4G football pitch, a 400 seat theatre, a 25-metre swimming pool, a huge indoor gymnasium, multiple full-sized music rooms and practice rooms, two art workshops, as well as a gym with weights and fitness machines. The new campus was designed with ABCIS’ secondary school students in mind. Before the new campus was built, secondary school students shared their campus and facilities with primary aged students, whereas the new campus has an atmosphere that feels more mature as well as more suitable for students who have their sights on higher education and serious academic pursuits.


The History of ABCIS in Ho Chi Minh City

The ABC International School was founded in 1995 with an enrollment of just 12 students. At the time there was a dearth of international education geared towards children of foreign investors, expats and Vietnamese nationals. Over the years, enrollment has continually increased as programs developed and world-class, specialised teachers were increasingly recruited from overseas.

ABCIS’ mission is “To provide an excellent teaching and learning environment for the development of our students and staff so that all may realise their full potential, and be able to constantly strive for higher goals and ideals. To ensure our students will benefit not only from being in Vietnam but also from the opportunity of learning alongside adults and students from many parts of the world, thereby facilitating the total development of each child, within an ever-changing global community.”


ABCIS Teaches Ho Chi Minh City Students to Think Differently

ABCIS realizes that many schools in Vietnam have been very successful in getting students to acquire new information in a rote fashion, it is the role of an outstanding school to teach students how to be good learners, and how to use critical and creative thinking for problem-solving; these are the skills employers are calling out for. Students at ABCIS are prepared to enter universities across the world to pursue degrees in the sciences, humanities and arts, but more importantly, they are brought up in a community of experienced, highly qualified educators all with a deep investment in seeing each student reach his or her potential. The new campus will undoubtedly be instrumental in propelling many generations of ABCIS students onto the global stage.


Image source: ABCIS