Best Vietnamese Learning Courses You Can Take Online

Education - Saigon/HCMC: March 7, 2022

Vietnamese is gaining popularity each day, and more students are signing up to different online learning platforms to enhance their knowledge of the language. There are many benefits of knowing the Vietnamese language, including trade and tourism. You can also learn the Vietnamese language to get the skill of tutoring different subjects, become an effective tour guide, or add an extra language toto your list. Here are the best online courses to learn Vietnamese.

Glossika Vietnamese

It is one of the most unique language learning platforms as the course content is widely researched before being presented to students. For only $30 per month, you can enhance your knowledge of the Vietnamese language with a guaranteed value for your money. The course focuses on heavy repetition and uses chunks of native languages.

Learning the Vietnamese language can be an overwhelming task for students in college. They have to deal with assignments and write a report at the same time. If you want to study while also learning Vietnamese, Writix helps with report writing and all academic assignments. You can get any help in report writing that satisfies your goals. Writix is also great for students who lack time to complete their essays because of busy schedules. To enhance the learning process, it is always advisable to get assistance from this kind of platform.



The course on Italki goes for only $10 per hour. This amazing online course facilitates a great tutor-student interaction which makes it great to learn Vietnamese. Itaki is reputable not only for its quality but also because they hire an excellent professional who is vetted before they are allowed to teach any language.

Students can also offer feedback and appraise the performance of the tutors. This guarantees students the value for their money.


Mondly Vietnamese

Mondly offers a range of languages, including Vietnamese, for only $9.99 per month. The app is elegant with great in-built features that allow international students to navigate the platform while learning Vietnamese. Vietnamese stands as a fairly well-taught course on this platform compared to other courses like Arabic that aren’t doing great here. The app is designed with a beautiful interface that enhances the user experience.


Rosetta stone

Great platform if you appreciate a combination of images and sound to learn. This comes in handy, especially for students who want to learn the Vietnamese language. You can learn the course for only $6.50 per month and only $200 for the full course. A key feature international students can check out is the course offers a 30-day payback if you are not satisfied with the course.


Transparent language

This is an amazing Vietnamese training online platform where international students can enhance their knowledge and skill in the language. If you want to get into the depths of the Vietnamese language, then transparent language will be the platform as it also focuses on content. Other key features of the transparent language include a 100% Vietnamese dialogue with natural speed. The platform, as mentioned, has extensive coverage of the content delivered.



Depending on the tutor you hire, you can learn on this app for as low as $10 per hour. Preply can be accessed on all devices as an app or on a browser, plus there are hundreds of native Vietnamese tutors to learn from. Although it is a great platform for beginners, those familiar with the language can still perfect and advance their knowledge of the Vietnamese language. The platform is great for those students who want to learn to practice Vietnamese in addition to vocabulary and grammar.



You can also use Duolingo to learn the Vietnamese language. Not only is it popular among many international students, but it is also ideal for those who have zero knowledge of the Vietnamese language. You can access it as an app on your android or iOS device or directly on the browser in your computer device. The most interesting fact is that it’s free to use and offers fun activities while learning.



This is a fancy app that you can use to learn Vietnamese and hundreds of other languages at a go. You only need to subscribe for $4.99 per month, $10 annually, and $100 if you want a lifetime subscription. Some of the key features include thousands of native Vietnamese audios and picture tutorials. You can also combine over a thousand languages at a go.



Learning Vietnamese is increasingly becoming popular for many international students. Learning Vietnamese comes in handy for students, job seekers, businesses, and the tourism industry. You can also learn Vietnamese to increase your language count. There are hundreds of online courses and platforms that will enhance your knowledge of the Vietnamese language at an affordable rate.

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