Developing The Global Citizens of The Future at ISSP

Education - Saigon/HCMC: Aug. 17, 2020

Inquiry Based Learning to Spur Curiosity

Bringing Out The Best in Your Child

Giving Each Student a Voice

With global trends changing rapidly, ‘tried-and-tested’ pedagogical methods may no longer stand the test of time. At International School Saigon Pearl (ISSP), our team of educators realise these implications and place importance on nurturing a balance of different approaches and the critical need to prepare young learners to become globally minded and independent citizens of the future.


Conceptually Framed for young minds

At International School Saigon Pearl, we recognize that most students learn by forming a big picture through parts and pieces before contriving a thorough understanding of a new topic. Thus, the International Curriculum at ISSP is modelled after the American Common Core Standard. This conceptually-framed curriculum enables students to achieve a balance between acquiring knowledge and developing practical skills. Although, it may be easier for students to learn a fact from a book, we know that true learning occurs when a fact is developed into a concept and then finally a principle or skill that can be applied in life. For example, you can teach a child to write, sing or cook, but once they connect the dots, they can easily create original poems, songs and dishes that amaze our adult minds.


At ISSP, homeroom teachers collaborate with specialist educators to provide well-rounded support for every child that provides the perfect premise for active learning. Academic excellence is therefore taken to the next level when competence is developed in the fields of artistic expression and athletic achievement. 

When learning becomes active, the problem of ‘In one ear & out the other’ no longer exists.

Inquiry Based learning to spur curiosity

From the beginning of our lives, humans learn naturally by analyzing information from our basic senses, including sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. This means learning is a natural process built upon inquiry. At every juncture, ISSP encourages students to question what they’ve learnt and to explore the knowledge they have acquired in a deeper manner. ISSP’s teachers strive to be guides rather than simple agents of instruction. Our educators encourage questioning and self-reflection in the classroom setting because we know that rote learning creates a barrier to this critical process.


This approach is in line with ISSP’s vision to nurture young learners as critical thinkers and problem solvers. Most importantly, they should continue to seek knowledge far beyond their time in school to become lifelong learners.

Skills Focused to bring out the best in children

International School Saigon Pearl strives to elevate young learners by dedicating more than 60% of programme time to the development of hard and soft skills to form a strong foundation for academic success and dealing with social and emotional interactions, with emphasis placed on your child’s early education, from our Early Years through to our Grade 5’s. 


All this begins with identifying skills that enable students to become successful individuals. Tasks that develop these skills are then built into learning projects and assessments that they can engage in. Instead of assessing students based on lower-level thinking skills such as memorization, ISSP places more emphasis on practical skills such as collaboration, problem solving, innovation, personal management and interpersonal soft-skills that will be essential in the future. With rapidly changing global trends, we know it is vital for young learners to be prepared for uncertainty, as the majority of students aged 12 and under will be employed in jobs that don’t exist yet! 

Student Agency that gives every learner a voice

ISSP believes that choices and actions made by students allow them to achieve efficacy on their own. Respecting the individual voices of young learners is key to academic success and well-being, as such, our teachers take the role of a co-learner and collaborator while encouraging children to take control over the direction of their learning. When the voices of young learners are heard, they build connections with their peers and learning materials while creating endless ways and opportunities to express themselves further. 


As more than 80% of our students achieve a grade beyond international standards for Mathematics, International School Saigon Pearl (ISSP) is not only the premiere choice for elementary and early childhood education in Ho Chi Minh City, but also a choice that will reward you and your family for many years to come. Enrich your childrens’ lives through ISSP’s multi-faceted and value-added curriculum and watch as their thirst for knowledge spans beyond the classroom and into successful lifelong learning. For more information about our programmes and philosophy, do visit our website at

Image source: ISSP