Global Citizens with a Heart at Kinderland Preschool Vietnam

Education - Saigon/HCMC: Sept. 17, 2019

Student safety is a top priority at Kinderland Preschool Vietnam.

Kinderland uses forward-thinking strategies and cutting-edge technology.

Nurturing and developing the whole child is a core value at Kinderland.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”
- Lao Tzu (Chinese Philosopher)

Kinderland, an international preschool brand established in Singapore, is a leading Early Childhood provider that has been caring for children for over 40 years. Kinderland’s success in nurturing well-rounded, confident children has led to an extensive regional preschool network of over 60 centres in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, China, Cambodia, and now Vietnam. The main entrance of Kinderland Preschool Vietnam, located at Vista Verde in District 2, sits on a wide and quiet street that is kept immaculately clean - a safe, suburban escape from the frenetic traffic of Saigon.

Kinderland Preschool Vietnam

The preschool celebrated its grand opening on September 5th with the attendance of Mr. Roy Kho, Consulate General of the Republic of Singapore. I am here to take a private tour of the newly opened preschool and to discuss with Centre Director, Ms. Surinder Kaur Chahil, the importance of early education and how Kinderland expertly conducts a curriculum that provides the perfect balance of cutting-edge intellectual education and emotional development. “A child’s early years are the foundation for his or her future development,'' says Ms. Chahil...

“...The emotional, social and physical development of young children has a direct effect on their overall development and on the adult they will become. Understanding the need to invest in very young children is so important, so as to maximize their current learning abilities for their future well-being. The preschool environment allows children to acquire vital skills that allow them to listen to others and express their own ideas, make friends, share, cooperate, and become accountable for their actions.”

Kinderland Guarantees a Safe Environment

Kinderland spans 3 gorgeous levels that are kept impeccably clean, neat and ordered with your child’s health and utmost safety considered priority at all times. All students, teachers and visitors are required to remove their shoes at the school’s foyer to maintain hygiene and childproof gates are installed at all stairwells. The onsite nurse and medical centre ensures that all medications pre-approved by the parents are correctly monitored and administered to the patient at the appropriate time, at the right dosage and in the correct method. The preschool’s fully equipped industrial kitchen demands strict food safety regulations towards creating the delightful menus, which are carefully crafted to focus on your child’s health, nutrition and developmental growth.

Kinderland Preschool Vietnam

Kinderland Provides Forward Education

In this digital world, it is undeniable that the ever increasing ubiquity of technology has stimulated the children of today to develop tenfold when compared to the children of pre-smartphone era. I am constantly amazed by how articulate, intuitive and cognitive the young children of Generation Alpha are, and although many may still question the role of technology in a child’s early education, it is undeniable that the digital world is changing and developing at an exponential rate, so why should the way we educate and nurture our children not grow and evolve in the same manner?

Kinderland Preschool Vietnam

Kinderland has responded to the growing digital space by practicing Literacy Through IT (LIT). LIT revolves around computer-based learning, where children are taught how to read, write and spell through typing and audio/visual cues. This method of learning encourages children to develop storytelling skills whilst readying themselves for a world where the importance of technology is indisputable and strong computer skills are a necessity.

Holistic Development at Kinderland

As part of the preschool’s philosophy, “Kinderland children develop important traits to become global citizens with a heart.” Ms. Chahil adds... 

“We believe every child is special and unique and that every child has potential. A child is a sensitive, feeling and thinking individual who thrives in an enriched environment where caring and understanding adults are responsive to his or her needs. Our children develop into curious, creative, capable, confident and caring individuals under the guidance of teachers who are their role models.”

All aspects of creativity are supported and nurtured at Kinderland. A standout music program guides children as they progress from initial music appreciation, through to acoustic instruments and percussions, keyboard and basic music theory. The preschool’s kitchen studio teaches elements of math, science and art through interactive food classes whilst the entire third floor of the school is home to their ballet/dance studio. An enormous creative art space encourages Kinderland children to express themselves and promote their artistic creativity through craft, painting, colour and pottery. The art space is also used to promote independence, as children are taught to clean their own work space and wash their own hands. The preschool also houses two indoor playgrounds where children can be active and enjoy being children.

Kinderland Preschool Vietnam

It is heartwarming to witness the current Kinderland children attending the preschool. Their giggles fill the hallways and it is clear that they adore their teachers. Having spent the morning at Kinderland, I repeatedly catch myself thinking how comfortable, well monitored and safe the environment feels here. Kinderland caters to children from 18 months - 6 years old and currently have a limited time offer of 25% discount on fees paid a full year ahead, and 15% discount offered on payments made per term.

Kinderland Preschool @ Vista Verde

02 Phan Van Dang, Thanh My Loi ward, Dist 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Phone number: 0984 1313 80
Facebook: Kinderland Vietnam

Image source: Kinderland Preschool Vietnam