Renaissance International School Saigon Offers Groundbreaking Pre-School

Education - Saigon/HCMC: Jan. 5, 2018

The best education starts at the very beginning.

It’s on this philosophy that Renaissance International School Saigon has modeled its students’ earliest learning experiences.

Before students begin their first year, they are to be trained in a set of core competencies, as per the British Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. The U.K. learning foundation is the early childhood education standard at Renaissance International School Saigon, which is an education framework for the youngest learners from birth to age 5.


Before students get their shot at an International Baccalaureate Diploma at high school, they engage in this student-centered, active educational process that involves. It may not seem obvious, but these types of settings are rich with untapped learning experiences in which early learners will begin discovering and sharpening their key tools of inquiry.

Students have access to a wide range of language opportunities including French, Korean, Vietnamese, Mandarin Chinese as well as English.

These are research-proven means of winning student engagement and a lasting passion for learning.

How It Works

The school’s educational methodology centers around the so-called “4Cs”: creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking. In addition to gross and fine motoring skills, and speech and numeracy abilities. These 4 critical skills underpin the child’s development for the rest of their life, and allow them to reach their full potential.


These are the building blocks for the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. Through it, students will build a positive, lasting relationship with learning through the fun and creative teaching methods used by Renaissance International School Saigon’s educators. The result is a confident students with sharpened intrapersonal and rich interpersonal skills

Parents are a Key Part

Parents are encouraged to take a role growing with their children also.

The Early Year Foundation Stage curriculum includes community activities inviting both student and parent engagement.

Renaissance International School Saigon is offering two such activities in early 2018.

In January, the school will host a talent contest inviting both youngest students as well as young children not yet enrolled in the school to participate as contestants. The Early Year Talent Competition Superkids will take place on January 19.

On February 2, students and parents are once more invited to the school for a Tet workshop. Renaissance International School Saigon will host a Tet decoration- making class with help and materials provided by the school. This even is also welcome to students who have not yet enrolled in Renaissance International School Saigon.


Both are great opportunities for both parents who will meet leading educational experts as well as students who will make new friendships and get new opportunities to socialize at the events.

To find out more about these events and to register your child for these events, please visit: Renaissance Early Years

Excellent Accreditation Credentials

Renaissance International School Saigon boasts a wealth of accreditations including the coveted Council of International Schools accreditation.

In their letter congratulating the school, the Council of International Schools CIS cited the school’s overall active and positive student engagement, and especially the school’s Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. The school’s culturally inclusive and diverse curriculum were also factors in earning the school this accreditation.


Accreditation from the Council of International Schools requires, among other factors, demonstrable quality assurance in staff selection and cultivation as well as stringent child protection standards. The esteemed accreditation has been awarded to about 400 international schools in the world, around five percent of all international schools of the estimated 8,000 that are members globally.

Renaissance International School Saigon also holds accreditations by and memberships of six other educational accrediting bodies including the International Baccalaureate Organisation—which allows the students to earn an International Baccalaureate Diploma for post secondary study abroad—and the Round Square, a multidisciplinary pedagogical standard that calls on schools to affect a learning environment that incorporates service and leadership opportunities.


Image source: Renaissance International School Saigon