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Education - Saigon/HCMC: April 17, 2020

It’s difficult for our children to incorporate a healthy, balanced lifestyle in Saigon when excessive use of technology seems to dominate every part of their lives. Whether you’ve just set up residence in Saigon or you’ve lived here for years, at some point, you realize you seldom see children playing in the front yard or at the park simply because the infrastructure and housing of Saigon doesn’t allow for it. Public space is overrun by motorbikes, cars and busses regardless of it being on the roads or on the sidewalks. 

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“ Our mission is to give a well-balanced, well-rounded education where students are as comfortable holding sporting equipment as they might be holding a musical instrument,” Dr. Roderick Crouch, Executive Principal of Australian International School (AIS) shares.

AIS developed their youth sports program to actively address the gap in physical activity and sports programs offered in Saigon. AIS’ athletic department comprises 10 full-time PE, Sports, and swim instructors who are certified lifeguards, 30 sports coaches, and outside staff, all of which have sporting backgrounds and some who have even trained in national squads. In addition to a strong swimming program, students are able to participate in football, netball, track and field, basketball, badminton, table tennis, touch rugby, volleyball, and tennis. 

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Many students train and participate in the Saigon International School Athletic Conferences (SISAC), where they’ve competed and won several titles including badminton and basketball. In addition, students who qualify are able to travel internationally going head to head against other schools within the Australian International School Association (AISA) games. Last year, AIS sent 44 athletes to Malaysia to compete in a 3-day tournament. 

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Through a holistic approach to sports, students and their parents notice the positive social, mental, and physical benefits. Ji Soo Kim, a year 13 student aspiring to study abroad in the US next year, proudly claims, “I enjoy the competitiveness and the development. While there are friendly matches between international schools, there is also the biggest competition, SISAC, where all schools compete to be the champion every year. If there were only friendly matches, I wouldn’t have been this dedicated in these sports teams, but like many others, I wanted to get that trophy …

“ ... No one likes to lose, but if I lose, I now take it as a motivation to strive towards the next level. I just love seeing myself and others improving and competing with each other.”

AIS has been changing the way youth in Vietnam spend their time outside of the classroom by delivering a comprehensive, skill-based sports program, modeled after Australia’s approach to youth sports. 

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“The focus isn’t only on what goes on in the classroom, it’s the experience, independence, maximizing opportunity, skill development, and exposure to different cultures while meeting with like minded students around the world,” Matt Washer, Athletic Director emphasized. 

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Playing sports, participating on sports teams, and competing at the local and international level promote diversification of students’ skill sets showing more independence and confidence in classrooms, in their home, and ultimately preparing them for university and life abroad. 

For the 2020-2021 Academic Year, AIS is pleased to offer a limited number of Academic Scholarships for new students entering Years 7 – 12. These scholarships are up to 50% of the annual tuition fee, and are awarded for up to seven years, provided the student maintains an exemplary academic and behavioural record.

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