Why You Should Stay Home on Valentine's Day

Family - Saigon/HCMC: Jan. 21, 2016

Either you’re alone or your partner and you just don’t want the hassle of overbooked venues, stuffed bridges and crowded parks - there are several good reasons you may want to shut yourself indoors this upcoming Valentine’s Day weekend and celebrate in your own special way.

1. Ice cream and movies

There’s nothing like cuddling up with your partner, putting on a good movie and slowly gobbling a bucket of ice cream. Or, if you’re alone, getting the bed, tissues and ice cream all to yourself. If you and your partner are both overworked, exhausted and in need of some serious R&R, the stress of restaurant reservations, overhyped expectations and pricy chocolates may just put you both over the edge. Ease that edge off with gobs of sugar and romantic comedies. And if you’re on your lonesome, be sure to avoid getting those sugary stains on your bed sheets!

2. Large crowds turn you off

Some work well with crowds. Others find them repelling. Whatever your perspective is on massive amounts of human beings in single centralized locations, sometimes you and your partner want to forget about everyone else but each other. A picnic in the park suddenly gets less special when there are several dozen teenage couples around you timidly holding hands and eating their confections. Stay in your own private bubble this Valentine’s Day.

3. You only love yourself

As our editorial this month professes, it’s only when you love yourself that you can truly love others. While it may not be healthy to take this to narcissistic extremes, on a day when society pressures you to find someone and give them all your attention, it might be liberating to wave off the romanticism and just enjoy a ME day, working on projects, reading, getting together for a house party with other singles, or just lazing off.

4. You don’t live with your parents

The fact is, most younger couples both live with their parents, or at least one partner is constrained in a family household. When that’s the case, going out seems inevitable. And if you both live in a house, you may have the kids to take care of - ideally, in that case, you want to hire a sitter and book something nice. But if you’re alone, or your kids are having a field day with granny, then celebrating your independance starts to sound like a much better idea.

5. You find the commercialism unbearable

Whether you’re tethered to someone or on the prowl, the pressure and commercialism of Valentine’s Day can sometimes destroy the spontaneity and excitement of love (or simply enjoying a day to yourself). As an act of private rebellion, stay indoors and celebrate without anyone stuffing cupids and hearts down your throat. Get some food delivered, let loose and enjoy the fact that a holiday doesn’t have to dictate how to love yourself or your other.