A Quick Look at Obstetrics and Gynecology Treatment in HCMC

Health - Saigon/HCMC: Feb. 23, 2016

What about infertility treatment?

Vietnam’s infertility treatments are quality, though the success rate is just 30-35%. The high cost of treatment is a problem. Nevertheless, over 4,000 IVF babies have been born in Vietnam in the last decade, with the first successful cycle in 1997. Artificial reproductive technology (ART) has been developed in 10 hospitals in Vietnam and the programme has become well known among expatriates. Since 2002, nearly 9% of ART clients at HCMC’s Tu Du Hospital have been foreigners.

What about giving birth?

HCMC has many good birthing hospitals. You will probably experience some cultural differences, and some financial costs if you don’t have health insurance, but the quality of maternity healthcare here is very well maintained. Keep in mind that local international hospitals cost more than Vietnamese hospitals. Some Vietnamese doctors in Vietnamese hospitals speak English very well, but it is understandable that at the time of giving birth, many women prefer to be attended by a doctor who is from the same culture.

What does it cost to give birth in Vietnam?

Maternity packages vary, and prices are dependent on the hospital you choose (Vietnamese or international, English speaking or not), and the type of room (private, shared, with or without TV). If you decide to buy a package, make sure it includes blood tests, an obstetrician, ultrasounds and other necessary services. Medical costs in Vietnam are substantially lower than what you would pay (without insurance) in most Western countries. Quality of care is fine but you may have to deal with a lack of communication from Vietnamese staff.

Type of Care Từ Dũ Hospital SI Hospital Hạnh Phúc Hospital FV Hospital
Fertility doctor consultation VND80,000 VND120,000 From VND450,000-700,000 From VND550,000-VND1.1M
O&G doctor consultation VND70,000 VND250,000 From VND450,000-700,000 From VND550,000-VND1.1M
Obstetric ultrasound VND30,000 From VND120,000-450,000 From VND300,000-VND1.2M From VND300,000-900,000
Prenatal diagnostic Request during the process Package Included in package or consultation price Package
Blood test for chromosomal defects Request during the process Package Included in package or consultation price Package
Delivery From VND1M-2M From VND2.5M-4.5M From VND25M-30M (including room fees) From VND24M-35M (including room fees)
C-section delivery From VND2M-3M From VND5.5M-13M From VND35M-40M (including room fees) From VND35M-40M (including room fees)
Room standard VND100,000/day VND1M/day - -
Room deluxe VND1.5M/day VND1.9M/day - -
Consultation on breast feeding - From VND150,000-200,000 Included in package or consultation price -

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