The Birth of Predictive Healthcare in Vietnam

Health - Saigon/HCMC: Oct. 24, 2017

What if I told you you’re neglecting a factor influencing 30 percent of your overall health?

We all know how existing medicine works: you get sick, then you see the doctor. She treats your illness and life goes on. Maybe you live a healthy lifestyle, maybe you don’t.

In this framework, you know that yearly check-ups, testing for bad stuff, etc.,is necessary to find out about disease at an early stage.

It’s still all about disease rather than you.It’s passive rather than you taking control of your own health.


That old clinic with its doc-in-the-box is transforming into a wellness center, working with you in your real, daily life to help you be healthier and happier. Clinics, such as Victoria Healthcare, may soon be the place where you positively pursue good health, not just stave off disease. It’s still not common in Vietnam, but Victoria Healthcare is at the forefront of a medical trend taking shape in most of the developed countries

But the first waves of this tide have already hit our beautiful beaches.

The doctors at Victoria Healthcare are bringing about this change to a culture of being your partner in wellness. By understanding that disease is a departure from wellness as medicine has done traditionally, they capably identify and treat illnesses. The more you and your doctor knows about your health, the better you can manage yourself.

Not Just Lifestyle

What determines a person’s health? It turns out, several things do—your lifestyle only contributes about 40 percent to your overall health. Environmental factors make up 20 percent. The quality of healthcare provides another 10 percent.

But one’s genetic inheritance plays a big role in your health, even with a healthy lifestyle.

However, the remaining 30 percent is based on your genetic makeup.

Your genes, the DNA you inherit from your parents, literally determines who you are. Although all humans share 99.9 percent of the same genes, that sticky little 0.1 percent may make all the difference. It determines much of the individual you, like your hair and eye colour, your height, and even your disposition.

It also determines if you have genetic mutations that may pre-program you to develop chronic diseases or even early death.


Certain common diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease aren’t brought on simply by lifestyle choices like smoking, drinking and a poor diet although they contribute. They are also hereditary, passed down through your family. Thus, based on your genetic makeup, you may run a high risk of contracting hereditary illnesses.

Team-Based Healthcare

And this is where Victoria Healthcare steps in. When you’re getting a check-up and additional testing they offer can potentially reveal that your family history contains breast cancer or early deaths from heart attacks, for example. Chances are, you may be carrying a mutated gene that gives you a higher risk. What’s more, you might pass down that mutated gene to your own children.

With a simple blood test, the team at Victoria Healthcare can now analyse your DNA through an advanced lab in Hong Kong. After a few weeks, your genetic roadmap is revealed. Based on this information, your doctors and a geneticist as well as a nutritionist, will develop a game plan that involves behavioural and lifestyle management individually designed to keep you as healthy as possible throughout your life.


Genetic sequencing can’t tell you when you’ll get sick in the future with 100 percent certainty, but it can tell you is how to manage your lifestyle to maximize your wellness. It may be changes in your diet, exercise, medication, or special testing at your annual check-ups.

So a big part of wellness is predictive healthcare, and Victoria Healthcare is embracing and advocating this.

Learning early about your own individual health risks and what you may pass on to your children could be the difference between life and death.

Image source: Victoria Healthcare