Annam Gourmet Market

Great Food, Good Times

For over 20 years, Annam Gourmet Market has quite simply been the most high-quality international food market in Vietnam. If you’re living or staying in Saigon or Hanoi and want food items like wine, beer, cheese, pasta and chocolate from Europe, Australia, the United States, Japan, New Zealand and many more countries, then Annam Gourmet Market is definitely your place to go.

Food Selection

Although when Annam Gourmet Market first opened the founders Eric and Ha focused on European food, today the selection has grown substantially. However, although the selection has grown, their commitment to supplying food only of the highest quality has stayed the same.


The vendors at Annam Gourmet Market do blind taste tests of all of their products to make sure they’re as tasty as possible, and only work with trustworthy suppliers with quality certificates (ISO, HACCP) to make sure that the products they order are the products they (and you) get.

This store focuses on supplying quality imported foods and drinks that you can barely get anywhere else in Vietnam (Bollinger, Pepperidge Farms and Moët & Chandon, for instance, along with plenty of Fair Trade and Protected Designation of Origin items). So far, Annam Gourmet Market has over 100 brands that you can only find in their four stores in Ho Chi Minh City.

What these grocers really succeed in is catering to the culinary needs that no other market in HCMC can. For example, Annam Gourmet Market takes pride in offering a wide variety of organic and vegetarian foods. They also have a line of gluten-free products (the celebrated French brand Ma Vie Sans Gluten), with more continually being added.

Delicious meat and fish can also be found in spades at Annam. Think New York strip steaks, Australian-imported cuts of beef and kobe beef from Japan. And for fish, this store is the easiest place to find beautiful catches of the day like salmon and tuna from Norway and Nha Trang.

And their chocolate section? It has to be seen to be believed.

Annam Gourmet Signature

Another special thing about Annam Gourmet Markets is their exclusive store brand, Annam Gourmet Signature (AGS).

Annam Gourmet Signature products start first and foremost in their bakery. Baked fresh every day, AGS deliveries over 100 baked goods and pastries like bread, croissants, macarons and pies to each Annam Gourmet Market in Ho Chi Minh City. And besides being unbelievably fresh, they were also expertly designed by celebrated French chef Sakal Phoeung.


Besides quality baked goods, Annam Gourmet Signature also puts out tea, nuts, dried fruit, coffee and more. Keep an eye out for other products coming soon: AGS is constantly expanding its brand while always maintaining the utmost attention to quality.


However, it’s important to note that Annam Gourmet Market isn’t only a grocery store -- each store also has its own cafe as well.

Low-key and laidback, these cafes are ideal places for a variety of different scenarios. Want to work on your novel? Enjoy the Wi-Fi and coffee. Want to meet a colleague for a quick lunch? The tapas and salads are exquisite. Want a glass of wine or beer before going home and making dinner? There’s no better place than the cafe at an Annam Gourmet Market.

With a menu developed and designed by Chef Sakal Phoeung, at these cafes you can experience the best that Annam Gourmet Market has to offer. The chairs are comfortable, the smoothie menu is incredible (they have