4 Key Steps for Leaders to Adopt a “Coaching Culture” with LCL

Working - Saigon/HCMC: Feb. 25, 2019

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur, team leader, HR manager, or a member of senior management, located in Vietnam or elsewhere, it is certain that you have considered the importance of leadership coaching and growth within your business. However, personal and team growth is not just about change for the sake of it. To positively affect your work environment, change must be based on meaningful understanding of people’s strengths and weaknesses, while exposing those people to the right kind of expertise and knowledge to allow them to flourish. These ideas run through the centre of “Coaching Culture- an ethos that any business can adopt thanks to the expertise of LCL (Leaders Create Leaders), based in Ho Chi Minh City.

Leaders Create Leaders

1. Understand Coaching Culture through Leaders Create Leaders in Vietnam

So what is a “coaching culture”? It exists when there is a positive and collaborative atmosphere throughout the workplace, where communication of learning is free to flow between peers, as well as up and down the company’s internal hierarchy. A business can also be said to have established a coaching culture when employees are encouraged to take on challenges, learn positively from mistakes, and seek to maximise their full potential.

Have you experienced a workplace where your team is actually operating as just a group of individuals, often pointing in different directions? You will likely recognise the unproductive atmosphere that can be felt when people work in the same physical space but are not really working together. Do you have team members who are willing and able but can’t quite seem to unlock their potential or are afraid to take on responsibility? These issues tend to occur when an effective coaching culture hasn’t been created at the heart of a business.

Leaders Create Leaders

Enter LCL - Leaders Create Leaders - a group of dynamic and experienced coaches, based in Vietnam’s bustling Saigon, who are ideally equipped to help you and your team thrive and reach your business’ full potential through the creation of a powerful, positive and productive coaching culture. LCL clients include Diageo, Mercedes Benz, Pfizer, Nestle, Abbott, Park Hyatt, ILA, VietnamWorks, and many other industry-leading companies of all sizes who have benefitted from LCL’s leadership coaching expertise.

Leaders Create Leaders is a “community of powerhouse leaders with a passion to challenge, stretch and grow other leaders”. LCL is led by Warren Eng, an innovative Singaporean with 15 years’ experience in Vietnam and a burning passion for coaching and leadership. Warren brings a highly effective skill set developed through a variety of management positions within local and international companies, as well as his portfolio of coaching and facilitating for businesses from SMEs to MNCs.

Warren founded LCL focused on a mission to assist entrepreneurs, managers and directors in creating a workplace coaching culture that empowers employees, rather than managers merely instructing them, and that encourages positive transformation and the embracing of responsibility and tough challenges.

2. Embark on a Growth Journey for Leaders in Business with LCL’s Leadership Coaching Program in Saigon

At the heart of this mission and LCL’s offerings is their Leadership Coaching Program, starting with a 3-day workshop in thriving Saigon, which shares key methods and mindsets that allow you, as an attendee, to bring out the best in yourself first, and then others, as you become the most compelling leader that you can be.

LCL understands that establishing a truly beneficial coaching culture for you and your business takes time and persistence. Crucially then, the program is not just a one-off course, but is the start of a long-term “Growth Journey” which includes one-year membership and access to the essential Leaders Create Leaders Business Network. The LCL Business Network is a platform that brings together influential and successful entrepreneurs and managers who are enthusiastic about sharing leadership knowledge and team-building techniques to help each other and their businesses to grow meaningfully.

Leaders Create Leaders

LCL’s Leadership Coaching Program, currently offered in English, takes place over three days in the high class Caravelle Saigon hotel and is comprised of five “core Leadership Coaching skill sets” that focus on developing an excellent coaching culture for you and your business:

1) Coach & Be Coached

Understand the need to be receptive of coaching in order to be an effective coach for your team and build up to a highly potent transformation of coach-team relationships and work culture. Consider the key concepts of coaching and learn how to create a beneficial comfort zone for your team/client to challenge themselves.

2) The ACC Framework

ACC is Awareness, Clarity & Choice - you will become familiar with a system developed by the International Coach Federation (ICF) to establish the best possible environment for productive and successful coaching. Using ACC will allow you to enable yourself, your team and clients to open up new ways of looking at challenges. You will also learn to control the pace of discussions to make them more effective. The three features of ACC will then become the focus for the subsequent segments.

3) Awareness

Ignorance is not bliss; learn to embrace your mirror image to better understand yourself and turn mere potential into true action and results. Realise that uncovering the process of self-awareness will then allow you to enable your team and clients to do the same.

4) Clarity

This part of the Leadership Coaching Program will allow you to precisely comprehend your own motivations and goals, as well as what motivates others (and different types of people), and leverage that understanding to maximise your ability to coach and develop both yourself and your team.

5) Choice

Here you can learn to expand and step outside of your comfort zone through recognising that “change is inevitable, growth is optional”. Since change will always occur, you cannot thrive until you develop the belief that change is the vehicle for new opportunities and prospects. An essential part of the program, you will discover how to utilise conscious choice to empower yourself and others to take responsibility for the change you want to see.

3. Discover the Long-Term Benefits of LCL’s Leadership Coaching Program

The effectiveness of LCL’s Leadership Coaching Program continues long after participating in the 3-day workshop. When the three days is completed, you will be assigned “homework” tasks which are a fantastic opportunity to cement the coaching knowledge and skills learned in the program.

Leaders Create Leaders

During the two months that follow the main course, you will have an exciting chance to coach another workshop member for a total of three hours spread over five sessions. In addition, you will also receive coaching by a peer for a similar duration, so you can observe and be part of the techniques from the 3-day workshop. This two-way peer coaching is an enjoyable way to put your newly learned skill sets into real-life practice to ensure that these truly effective habits and mindsets become second nature. Once completed, you will receive the well-earned LCL Leadership Coach certification as you continue on the path of affecting real growth and improvement in your team, clients, and yourself.

Since a beneficial coaching culture depends heavily on being able to improve communication and the quality of conversations within a business, LCL puts you in a position where you can spend time with and learn from innovative peers and leaders to pick up invaluable techniques to use in your own work environment.

Through your one-year membership of LCL’s Business Network, another major benefit of the Leadership Coaching Program, you will have ongoing access to monthly networking sessions with some of the most forward-thinking leaders and entrepreneurs in Vietnam and beyond. These sessions include peer coaching to further enhance your leadership experience, and joining fruitful debates on subjects that affect your business and can help further your company’s coaching culture. In addition, you can reach out to other members of the network to arrange further meetings with other dynamic managers to really get the most out of working with Leaders Create Leaders.

4. Register for LCL’s Leadership Coaching Program: 22nd March - 24th March 2019

The next LCL Leadership Coaching Program will take place at the 5-star Caravelle Saigon hotel from Friday 22nd March to Sunday 24th March 2019. Places on LCL’s programs are highly sought after and limited, so register as soon as possible to guarantee your spot.

Register by 8th March 2019 and you will qualify for the Early Bird course fee of USD1,000. Registrants after this date will pay the standard fee of USD1,200. Groups of three leaders registering together on the program will pay just USD800 each.

Remember that your investment includes:

- 3-day intensive leadership coaching workshop with five essential modules delivered by LCL’s exceptional team of coaches

- Six tea breaks and three buffet lunches at the exclusive Caravelle Saigon during the workshop

- Post-workshop “homework” to put your new coaching culture knowledge into practice

- 1-year membership of the LCL Business Network of inspiring leaders

- Monthly Think Tank Sharing meetings with the LCL Business Network

- Potentially unlimited peer coaching opportunities with other forward-thinking leaders from the LCL Business Network

If you are ready to create an exceptional coaching culture in your workplace in which you and your team can thrive, then the LCL Leadership Coaching Program in Saigon is a must. Register today and embrace the true potential of your business leadership.

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