The Advantage of Having a Powerful Business Network

Working - Saigon/HCMC: April 17, 2020

Go some years into a corporate career and you may notice that the reality of climbing the executive ladder is - the further up you go, the less direct feedback you tend to receive, and the more difficult it can become to ask for support from your peers. You might also find that there is nobody you know who has the know-how to guide you towards making the right strategic decisions and effectively run your organization. Nobody is brilliant enough to go the distance alone and this became the inspiration for Vietnam’s very own executive group, The Business Executive Network (BEN). This young organization was established in 2017 as a support system for executives leading both local and multinational companies in Ho Chi Minh City. 

Business Executive Network

The network operates by holding monthly functions for its members, where they meet together to discuss current topics, share their professional challenges, and even meet informally at events such as lunches and social gatherings. The majority of these meetings are held confidentially and when necessary, are professionally chaired. 

There are three primary reasons why members join this network... 

- Some come looking to build strong business relationships.

- Others seek peer support in managing their companies. 

- And some come to receive insight for their own personal development. 

Whatever the reason, each session is designed to be relevant and applicable to all members. On top of this, it is the diverse community of ethnicity, industry, and experience that really gives BEN its unique edge.

Business Executive Network

To meet BEN’s requirements of membership, applicants should be business leaders who are operating companies in Vietnam with teams of 30 or more staff. In contrast, there are some members leading teams of thousands in Vietnam alone. These requirements can be flexible however, as the group can make, and has made in the past, exceptions through internal approval. This will often happen if an applicant has a particularly strong experience in management, ambition to develop his/her business in Vietnam, and shows good rapport with other members. 

Business Executive Network

The current vision for BEN is to be the first choice for executive development and support for business leaders in Vietnam, with goals to significantly grow their number of members in 2020. With more members come more meetings, larger peer groups, and a greater, more inspiring atmosphere at leadership gatherings.

The world over, there are businesses being run, and behind each business is a leader trying to make it succeed. It is not often that these leaders have a tightly knit group of fellow leaders that they can regularly meet and confide in. As part of the Ho Chi Minh City community we are always excited to see organizations like this one grow. We really look forward to seeing the Business Executive Network grow and reach new heights over the next few years. Will you come and join us on this exciting journey?

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