When it comes to activities in Can Tho, the tours certainly offer the highlights. They are generally well planned and organised and the guides are both knowledgable and amiable. Sailing along the Mekong River in a tour boat is a great way of spending a few hours.

Tourists have to switch to much smaller boats to navigate the tiny rivulets that take them to the rice paper making workshops, fruit orchards, coconut candy makers and other interesting spots. The orchards normally have traditional musicians to entertain you as you sample the fruit, straight from the tree. The floating markets like Cai Rang are a huge draw, and now is the best time to see them; they may well soon become a thing of the past, as land based businesses are taking over.

Our local expert on the tours in the area is Benoit Perdu at Bassac Cruises. You can read his fascinating take on the area and probably forthcoming changes to it, in our exclusive interview with him. Tours can be booked once you are already in Can Tho, though most choose to book from Ho Chi Minh City and come to the capital of the Delta with a planned itinerary already in place.

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