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What to Do in Vietnam

Things to do in Vietnam

Planning a holiday in Vietnam but don’t know where to start? In our activities section you’ll find a definitive guide on what to see and what to do. 

From trekking tours in Sapa in the far north of the country to the best scuba diving sites available off the country’s idyllic southern islands like Con Dao, Vietnam is brimming with fun experiences and amazing sights to see. 

Whether you’re only traveling in Vietnam for a short time and want to tick off the ‘must do’ attractions in a single week or weekend break, or you’re planning a lengthy trip and want to pack it full of excursions, tours and unforgettable travel memories – there’s something here for everyone and no two visits are the same.

There are as many different types of activity in Vietnam as there are different types of tourist. If you’re searching for outdoor adventure you could try kitesurfing in Mui Ne, for amazing nightlife and the best place to have a drink there’s the frenetic and fast-paced city of Saigon/HCMC, and for world-class spas, restaurants and entertainment Hanoi is the equal of many world cities. 

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10 Local Things to Do in Vietnam

  • Sapa is the trekking Mecca of Vietnam. Tour operators all over town offer a variety of treks, from half day to three day excursions including home stays in local ethnic minority villages. Treks range from easy to multi-day hard slogs on steep muddy tracks.
  • Whether you want to reel in a few big fish, take a sunset cruise, jet up the coast or simply make it out to the lighthouse, Princess d’Annam has a fleet of boats ready to take you there in style. With full day, half day and hourly trips available, any needs can be accommodated. The resort also rents out personal equipment such as kite surf boards and kayaks.
  • Mai Chau Ecolodge is a great place to treat both your body and your eyes. Nestled in the majestic highlands and combining luxury with sustainable ecotourism, the Ecolodge is a true refuge offering the best in spa experiences. At Mai Chau Ecolodge all masseuses are locals specially trained as part of the lodge team in Hanoi. They use a mixture of locally grown and prepared herbs and spices, and carefully selected commercial oils and stones that ensure a rounded, all natural experience. The Ecolodge’s masseuses use the very best of Swedish, Shiatsu and Vietnamese massage techniques to stimulate the ...
  • Filled with ethnic groups, Mai Chau is home to many fascinating festivals throughout the year. We recommend five here: Xen Muong Festival: A White Thai festival held on the 10th day of the 1st month in the Lunar Calendar. This festival welcomes a bright future for Mai Chau, and pays respect to the people’s ancestors. Xen Xo Phon Festival: A White Thai festival held between the 1st and 28th day of the 4th Lunar Calendar month. This festival is held at the start of the dry season in Mai Chau, and is a plea for rain in the form ...
  • The day I left Can Tho, one of the major cities of the Mekong Delta in the south of Vietnam, I did it in style. At 12 p.m. on a balmy day, I boarded the Bassac II, one of the classic wooden cabin cruisers that make up TransMékong’s 9Dragons experience. On my Mekong Delta river tour I would experience a lot: the most delicious and fresh fruits available in Vietnam, tours of narrow water canals and vast waterways, walks through sleepy villages and trips to lively markets. But it was the peace and quiet that really made ...