Leadership Coaching Program @ Park Hyatt Saigon

Leadership Coaching Program @ Park Hyatt Saigon

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When something goes wrong on your team...
When a problem arises out of the ordinary...
When the company is in urgent need of innovation…
Who does the team turn to?
Is it you: The all-time problem-solver?
If you are the person your team members are constantly looking for to put out fires, deal with interpersonal conflicts, solve problems, then YES, you are the one holding your team back.
How can leaders create a culture whereby team members can have more courage, confidence and creativity to show up when needed to perform and make things happen? Join us in our LCL Leadership Coaching workshop to unlock the potential of your team so you can engage, enable, and empower more.

✓3-day intensive Leadership Coaching training
- Core pillars of Leadership, adaptive leadership frameworks;
- Explore and gain new insights with these new skill sets, mindsets, and toolsets to amplify your impact as a leader.
- Learn and apply the ACC coaching framework.
- Share ideas with other industry professionals.
- Establish yourself within a growing powerhouse of established leaders.
Certification as LCL Coach
✓Online coaching sessions as the coach and as the client.
✓5x5- Coach to be coached. Pair up with LCL partners to complete 5 sessions as coach and 5 sessions as clients.

- LCL:
Ms. Thuý ( 090 9112 918- thuy.nguyen@leaderscreateleaders.asia)
- Hà Nội Business Partners:
Ms. Lan Anh ( 0904 292 808- inspire.vietnam@gmail.com)

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Leadership Coaching Program @ Park Hyatt Saigon

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