Singing Bowls Workshop for Beginners @ Fair Heaven

Singing Bowls Workshop for Beginners @ Fair Heaven

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Learn how to play the singing bowls and enhance your wellbeing with this amazing method. The singing bowls help to release stress, pain and improve focus. For meditators, the sounds of the singing bowl help deepen the meditation experience. And Yogis, The frequencies of the singing bowl support in expanding Breath and movements.
This meditation session will give you a comprehensive experience with the singing bowls. You'll first experience how the singing bowls impact you in different ways. We let you all experience the magically relaxing session with singing bowls
After gaining understanding of the mechanism, participants will quickly pickup skills in playing the singing bowls through lots of hands-on practises. After this workshop, you will know....
- How the sizes, sound characters, pitches of the singing bowls affect us - When to use which type of singing bowls - The many ways of holding the singing bowls, the playing sticks and the mallets –

The different ways of sound production with the singing bowls to acheive the desired results
- 3 simple, direct and effective ways of daily practises with the singing bowls
- 2 simple yet powerful techniques of singing bowl therapy/healing that you can perform to others.
- How to select singing bowls for yourself and how to build the collection - Lots of interaction with different bowls... receiving and giving healing to each other
- How you maintain your inner power when you keep doing the sound healing to others in the future.

So, what are you waiting for? Vibe with us now!

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➡️ Fees: 460,000 VND

➡️ Date and Time: Saturday, 14 September, 10:00AM

➡️ Location: Fair Heaven

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