Discover Con Dao, Vietnam

attractions - Con Dao: Aug. 13, 2014

Con Dao is an archipelago of islands situated in the South East Sea and is a perfect destination for those looking to getting in touch with nature. Deserted beaches, world class snorkelling and coral reefs await those willing to take a detour off the well worn track.

Discover Con Dao Island

The main island, Con Son, is home to a coastline of steep, rocky hills and long sweeping coves, boasting some excellent spots for swimming and snorkelling. If you’re looking for adventure, you’ve come to the right place. Most of the archipelago is now a National Park with some good beaches, clear water, lush tropical forest and coconut groves. The national park is characterised by a diverse ecosystem; many species of coral and sea turtles are found here. The park management works with the WWF to develop sustainable usage for locals and tourists alike. The French used the main island to keep anti-colonial prisoners and the South Vietnamese continued the practice, sending political dissenters to the 11 prisons during the American War.

Con Dao is located at a point where cool and warm ocean currents converge and create a localised climate. This weather pattern allows swimming, snorkelling and diving all year round and Con Dao has arguably the best underwater seascapes to explore in Vietnam.

For a touch of luxury, Six Senses has opened the first five star resort in the archipelago. Their 50 villas sit on a mile of sandy beach, sheltered by the green forested hills behind, with stunning vistas of the deep blue sea and the curve of the bay.

There are daily flights from HCMC to Con Dao, taking 45 minutes. Book flights well in advance.