Dalat does not offer the same buzzing drinking and nightlife opportunities as a metropolis like Saigon. Nonetheless, there are still some great bars and cafés for the thirsty traveler.

If you come to Dalat expecting the same level of buzz on display in Ho Chi Minh City, you will be disappointed. That being said, the wide range of drinking venues in town provide plenty of opportunities to enjoy yourself and a few bubbly beverages.

Dalat Wine

One of Dalat’s exports is wine. Somewhat infamous throughout the country, Dalat wine is unlike any other wine around the world. Most cafés, bars and restaurants serve up the local specialty, giving you plenty of opportunities to partake. There are several varieties, from the dirt cheap to the more “upscale” bottles, although those are still under $10 US. Not much praise has been heard about the taste.  

Dalat Coffee

If you’re in the mood for a cup of caffeine, Dalat’s thriving café culture comes to your rescue. At Western style shops and local holes, sample another of Dalat’s signature products, its coffee.

Indeed, all kinds of coffee are available in Dalat City, from espresso and cappuccino over the thick Vietnamese drip coffees that are served in a bowl of hot water to stay warm for longer, to weasel coffee and very special creations.

If you are curious about the weasel coffee, check out our visit to a weasel coffee farm!

Also check out our blog post about the best cafés in Dalat.

Dalat Nightlife & Bars

Should you get antsy for a more happening scene, a few clubs scattered throughout the city cater to a late night crowd. Live music can be found at V Cafe, a cozy restaurant cafe featuring a rotating cast of talented musicians.

There is also a number of backpacker bars for going out and enjoying the nightlife of Dalat, holes in the wall and swanky hotel lounges.

The nightlife activity may be harder to find than in a metropolis, but it always bubbles to the surface.

Dalat Herbal Infusions

One more thing we would like to mention, are the herbal infusions and teas you can sample and buy at Dalat Central Market and the many shops around the city. Flower infusions and healthy herbal concoctions are very popular souvenirs and it is hard to stay in Dalat for a couple of days without getting offered a cup of freshly infused artichoke tea.

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