Tour and adventure offices crowd every corner in and around the city center of Dalat. It’s no surprise, either: there is a lot to do in the surrounding area, mostly centering around city tours, rural expeditions and physical activities like biking, canyoning, hiking and general exploring. Prices range from office to office, but there are two providers that stand out: Ana Mandara Villas Dalat and the custom tours offered by the Easy Rider crew.

Ana Mandara is a 5 star property offering quality tours, both by van and by 1935 Citroen (which coincidentally turns a lot of heads). The advantage of taking a tour from an upscale resort is that you get guaranteed service, and in some cases a delicious meal prepared by the property’s executive chef. You can see the many tours offered by Ana Mandara Villas Dalat on their official Activities page.

Dalat Easy Rider Club is likely one of the most experienced and favored independent tour offices in the country. They are an exceptionally fun and down-to-earth bunch: their office is full of wall scribbles from cheery travelers, and they party on a nightly basis with their customers (and even strangers off the street). In the morning, they’re stone cold sober, riding giddy tourists on motorcycles to Dalat’s many scenic attractions. They are definitely worth a tour or two.

There are many tour options focusing on testing your physical limits. Canyoning has come into popularity as one of Dalat’s main adventure activities, and biking and mountain trekking remain at the top of many visitors’ lists. Ana Mandara has several decent options for adventure tours.

Remember to also check out our Dalat page and create your own self-guided tour. If you have the time to spare, exploring and discovering the city’s historic and natural sights is an unforgettable experience. If you’re limited on the time, we recommend the previously mentioned tours.

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