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Da Lat is a small town in the Central Highlands far from the hustle and bustle of Vietnam’s metropolises, so you won’t find extensive malls and lots of luxury shopping opportunities here. Instead Da Lat is known for its range of delicious food and beautiful handicrafts, which make it an interesting destination for shoppers and foodies.

The Central Market is definitely a top address for a shopping spree. The night market around the city center is also worth mentioning, as well as the many shops around, selling the fresh or preserved produce of Da Lat.

Da Lat Central Market

The Central Market in Da Lat City offers mainly items of food and clothing. Contrary to most markets in Saigon, the fashion in Da Lat is more suitable for cold climates. At dusk, the market building itself closes down, and the stalls of the night market sprout around it. The Central Market in Da Lat City also features a showroom and store for traditional clothing, as well as silk embroidery, which make marvelous souvenirs.

Da Lat Night Market

The Da Lat Night Market is a chaotic and joyful experience. Vendors appraise their wares with loud voices, mostly from self-repeating tape recorders. From avocados to strawberry jam, woolen bonnets to secondhand jeans, potted plants to oddly shaped roots that serve a purpose in traditional medicine - the night market has much to offer.


Of course, there are many shops around the city center. Most of them sell herbal infusions, such as trà atisô, an artichoke infusion, which is very popular in Da Lat and the Central Highlands. They also have various wines for sale as well as other food items.


Apart from the usual range of corner shops and small supermarkets in Da Lat, you can find a Big C Store at Lam Vien Square that stocks a full variety of foods.

Workshops and Handicrafts in Da Lat

People from ethnic minorities sell colorful, embroidered purses and bags at major tourist spots. If you are interested in some eclectic Vietnamese coffee, check out our post about the weasel coffee farm in Da Lat.

For a great insight into how silk is made, take a look at our visit to a silk factory. Visit XQ Historical Village to witness the interesting process of delicate and beautiful silk embroidery production.

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