The Rising Business Scene in Hanoi

attractions - Ha Noi: Sept. 13, 2016

It is no secret that the trend around the world has been all about integration.

Evidently, with its speedy and solid growth, Vietnam is now being considered as one of the few countries in which development and innovation have formed an undeviating bond, resulting in synergistic performance. The two largest cities in Vietnam, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, both have a dynamic development of their own.

Hanoi, particularly, has proven to be the budding capital city that has evolved and charmed foreign enterprises, domestic businesses and investors alike. Here are some of the many great things about Hanoi and why businesses seem to thrive in this vibrant, developing city.


For one, Hanoi’s population is high - about 7 million. Not to mention, Hanoi has also become one of the 17 largest cities in the world. Today, Hanoi has become an attractive city for the workforce, particularly for highly skilled employees - making businesses lean towards investing in Hanoi considering the cost and the large, qualified workforce.

Economic Growth

Based on 2014 reports, Hanoi is one city that has continued to both grow and control inflation. The city’s GDP growth is estimated at 8.8%, with consistent deployment of administrative reform, investment environment improvements, and continuous development of government policies to help enterprises with difficulties. With its solid economy, Hanoi offers stability for businesses from all over the world.


Today, Hanoi is offering policies that promote infrastructure construction in the city. Despite being bided by the country’s tradition, Hanoi is open when it comes to developing their city into a modern metropolis. Synchronous development of various infrastructure in Hanoi is advantageous for the growth of the economy and businesses just arriving here.

For one, the city’s iconic Lotte Center Hanoi has been praised for its excellent design and construction, as well as its high-end tenants. If you are thinking of expanding your business in Hanoi, or a local startup that is looking for a premium serviced office space, Lotte Center Hanoi is an ideal location.


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