Hanoi: June Hottest Events from 9/6 to 15/6

Blogs - Ha Noi: Aug. 18, 2014

Hanoi: June Hottest Events from 9/6 to 15/6

Tuesday 10th of June

6th European-Vietnamese Documentary Film Festival at Goethe Institute

For the sixth time, EUNIC, the network of the European cultural institutes and embassies, and the National Film Studio for Documentary and Science Film Vietnam, will present European and South East Asian films.

After each film from Vietnam a film from a European country will follow. An ideal opportunity not only to watch fantastic movies, but also to enjoy the diversity of European languages.

National Studio for Documentary and Scientific Film, 465 Hoang Hoa Tham

Life Up and Down exhibition at L’Espace Hanoi

You are invited to the painting/photo/poetry exhibition by Eric Huynh, Marie-Cécile Marques and Ton That Thanh Van.

Life Up and Down exhibition at L’Espace Hanoi

The series of paintings/photos by Eric Parent and Marie-Cécile Marques will feature the contrast between the bustling streets and peaceful life of Vietnamese people.

Through 15 ink paintings by Marie-Cécile Marques and photos by Eric Huynh, the inner and outer, noisiness and serenity will be combined. In particular, these works are painted on Do paper, a unique material of Vietnamese fine art, which is perfect for ink.

L’ Espace Hanoi. Free entry. 24 Trang Tien, Hoan Kiem District


Wednesday 11th of June

Exhibition “Affordable Art” at Dong Phong Gallery

Dong Phong Art Gallery is pleased to present more than 30 works by some of the best artists in Vietnam. The show contains works both by artists with established international reputations and by new and existing talents.

Exhibition “Affordable Art” at Dong Phong Gallery

These accomplished artists have contributed works to the “Affordable Art” show: Do Minh Tam, Pham An Hai, Le Quy Tong, Ly Hung Anh, Doan Hoang Lam, Ha Manh Thang, Luu Vu Long, Doan Xuan Tang, Vuong Thao, Nguyen Dinh Hoang Viet.

This is a rare opportunity to see and acquire works by some of Vietnam’s most prominent artists. The works include oil and acrylic paintings, mixed /media art, ink sketches and digital art. The works are available at prices from US$50 – US$500.

Dong Phong Art Gallery, 3 Ly Dao Thanh, Trang Tien, Hoan Kiem District.


Friday 13th of June

Milonga and Argentine Tango at Xichlo Café

Xichlo Café welcomes you to a milonga on the last working day night of the week to enjoy the scene, milonga atmosphere and tango spirit.

2nd floor, Xichlo Cafe. From 8pm-11pm. 33 Vu Ngoc Phan Street

Ca trù - the essence of Vietnamese traditional music at Ca Tru Hanoi Club

This is a chance not only to enjoy a rare kind of ancient music, but also to learn about what was once a much cherished entertainment and ways of expressing individualism among the elites and most respected intellectuals of the Vietnam society.

Ca trù - the essence of Vietnamese traditional music at Ca Tru Hanoi Club

Ca tru used to be denounced as an inappropriate form of theatre by the government during the latter half of the 20th century and is now finding its way back to the cultural scene.

Ca Tru Hanoi Club, 42-44 Hàng Bạc , Hoan Kiem District


This popular Vietnamese rock band will perform rock'n'roll music, featuring many hits of The Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry, Jonny Winters, Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, Carl Verheyen,.. etc will be covered by two Hanoi guitar heroes Vinh Xiêm –and Cường Bồng.

The Doors Café, 11 Hàng Chĩnh, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi



Saturday 14th of June

Lucy’s Dream presents Wearable Art Pieces exhibition

Lucy’s Dream presents Wearable Art Pieces exhibition

Lucy's Dream is Vietnam's ultimate destination for unique wearable art piecesTheir design team is composed of young Vietnamese Artists who hand-paint, digitally trace and print one-of-a-kind East-meets-West designs on fabrics, and make clothing and other lifestyle products out of these self-designed fabrics.

Lucy’s Dream. From 10am-10pm. 2nd Floor, 20 Trang Tien, Hoan Kiem District.

Live Music weekend at Spy Bar

Featuring some local bands who will entertain the crowds with famous top hits from international stars.

Spy Bar. Free entry. From 8pm. 12A Nguyen Huu Huan Street, Hoan Kiem District.

Old Boys Blues at The Doors Café

Old Boys Blues at The Doors Café

This popular blues and rock band will be featuring many hits of Creedance Clearwater Revival, Eagles, the Beatles, the Doors, and many more.

The Doors Café, 11 Hang Chinh, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi



Sunday 15th of June

THBC Spanish Tapas Bar presents the movie Mar Adentro

Two of the most talented figures in contemporary Spanish cinema, actor Javier Bardem and director Alejandro Amenábar, collaborate for this powerful drama, based on a true story.

Ramón Sampedro (Javier Bardem) was a fisherman and part-time poet who, at the age of 26, suffered an accident while diving that left him a bedridden quadriplegic. Now 54, Ramón must depend on his family, he has come to see his life as frustrating and pointless and wishes to die with what remains of his dignity. with her own mortality issues since being diagnosed with a degenerative disease, and Ramón hopes her condition will make her arguments more persuasive.

As Ramón and Julia work together on his case and help to prepare a book of his poems for publication, Ramón finds himself falling in love with his attorney, who happens to be married, but while his infatuation gives Julia second thoughts about the case, Ramón remains convinced that the greatest gift to him would be an end to his life.

Javier Bardem's performance in The Sea Inside (aka Mar Adentro) earned him the Best Actor award at the 2004 Venice Film Festival.

THBC Spanish Tapas Bar. 44, Ngo 31, Xuan Dieu, Tay Ho

R&R Tavern presents The White Eagles


Old Boys Blues at The Doors Café

If you are interested in rock and roll and want to feel something wild, and crazy you should join the White Eagles’ performance at R&R tavern club.

R&R Tavern. From 9pm-12pm. 256 Nghi Tam, Tay Ho, Hanoi