Water Puppets Hanoi

While the water puppets you see in Hanoi's souvenir shops may not date back to the 11th century Red River Delta, the art form does. After watching these wooden marionettes glide effortlessly across the water, we can guarantee you'll want a set for your bathtub. The puppets perform classic Vietnamese folk tales and stories, and the performances are accompanied by traditional music. Be sure to check out a water puppet show when in Hanoi. Ticket prices and show times vary.

Born of the flooded rice paddies of the Red River Delta around Hanoi, water puppets swap the traditional performance stage for water. There are a number of water puppet shows worth attending in Hanoi, and although they are presented in Vietnamese there is enough action with all the bright colours and movement to keep it interesting should you not understand the dialogue, which mostly centres on legends and folk stories. Puppets are made of lacquered wood and are controlled by an unseen mechanism under the pool of water.

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