Top 10 Resorts in Ham Tien

accommodation - Ham Tien: Sept. 28, 2017

Ham Tien ward is where the majority of Phan Thiet’s resorts, hotels and guesthouses are located. They range from small properties that are very personal to medium-sized luxury resorts that have been given Vietnamese government ratings of four or five stars.

The largest Phan Thiet resorts are small as compared to many international properties or even some of the larger properties in Danang and Nha Trang, but many of them are still able to offer the same amenities as some of their larger counterparts in other areas.

My following choices are subjective and are influenced by my own tastes and predilections and may not be the best choices for others.

Coco Beach Resort was the very first resort to open on the beach in Ham Tien. Although it has been in operation since 1994, the buildings still look fresh because it closes for one month every year while the owners renovate all the accommodations.

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The hotel grounds always seem to be peaceful, even though the hotel is located in the very centre of the Ham Tien tourist strip. The reason is that the grounds are separated from the busy street in front by a wall that extends along the entire width of the resort. The French restaurant has a very good French chef and Dany’s Pub is a popular sports bar to catch international sporting events. The beach is consistently beautiful, even during high tide. Although rustic and basic, all of the bungalows at Coco Beach are comfortable and eco-friendly.

Anantara Mui Ne Resort uses the name Mui Ne for marketing purposes. It is the only Ham Tien resort that has been awarded a five-star rating by the government, although by international standards, I think that it is really more of a four-star property.

The hotel is still one of the very best, well-managed resorts in Phan Thiet because it is operated by the highly respected Thailand-based luxury Anantara chain of hotels and resorts. Although the property is not huge, it offers a tremendous amount of amenities and services, including a beautiful swimming pool, watersport activities, a spa, a children’s club, meeting facilities, a fitness centre, a private wine cellar, a very good restaurant and a poolside bar.

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Cham Villas is consistently rated the best resort hotel in Phan Thiet on TripAdvisor. Although quite small, its 18 villas that are spread throughout the one hectare property are gorgeous and luxurious.

The German Vietkieu owner takes personal care of each and every guest in such a way that everyone feels like he or she is visiting his family home. Even though the resort has only 18 bungalows, there are two restaurants serving guests. Ratinger Loewe, the restaurant in front of the resort is the best German restaurant in Phan Thiet. The garden restaurant serves a very good breakfast in the morning, as well as both Vietnamese and international cuisine throughout the day and fine dining in the evening.

Because the resort is not large, there are always plenty of sunbeds for guests and seldom does one have to wait for service at the spa.

The Blue Ocean Resort is also located in a very busy part of the Ham Tien tourist strip, and like Coco Beach, the interior areas of the resort seem peaceful. The reason is that the resort is set back from the street, so all the rooms and bungalows are far enough away from the street noise that guests are not bothered. The resort is well-managed and always has a nice beach. Because of the erosion in front of Jibes, Phan Thiet’s original kitesurf shop and school, the operation of the school has moved to the Blue Ocean where there is a wide sandy beach. The accommodations, gardens and public areas are kept up quite nicely and the resort offers a number of facilities and services, including a good restaurant, a swimming pool, a library, a spa with saunas and steam rooms, plus kitesurfing and windsurfing instruction and rentals.

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Bamboo Village Beach Resort & Spa is the second oldest resort in Ham Tien and arguably the most popular. The grounds are beautiful and the accommodations are constantly being renovated, all the while keeping their environmentally friendly atmosphere by using lots of bamboo, earthen straw and thatched roofs in their construction.

Their spa is possibly the best in all of Phan Thiet, at least that is what most guests think. Their spa does better than any other hotel spa in the area. The grounds are beautiful and the hotel offers cooking classes, yoga, fitness training and kitesurfing.

Besides these resorts and hotels in Ham Tien, there are a number of others that are very good bargains and would be on my top ten list. Probably the best bargain is Mui Ne Hills. Even though the four small hotels that make up this resort are not on the ocean, the prices are very low and the views from some of the rooms and from the public areas are spectacular.

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Grace Boutique Resort is one of the only small oceanfront resorts that is consistently in the top rankings on TripAdvisor. The owners are very personable, the rooftop restaurant that serves breakfast has stunning views of Rang Beach and the rooms are immaculate.

Another small but popular resort is Shades, which also has very good managers and the rooms are immaculate. Villa Aria is another resort in the centre of Ham Tien that is extremely popular. It is a relatively new resort that has a very trendy design.

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Mia Resort was originally the Sailing Club. Although a small resort, the accommodations are luxurious and their restaurant is the most popular hotel restaurant on the strip.

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