Phan Thiet’s Fairy Stream (Suoi Tien)

Phan Thiet’s Fairy Stream (Suoi Tien) is the only real tourist attraction in Ham Tien Ward. The hardened sand walls of the Fairy Stream have surrealistic shapes and multiple shades of red and orange. Visitors walk through the small stream barefoot to view and take pictures of the oddly formed, hardened sand embankments.

Suoi Tien is usually not a swift-flowing stream. Instead, it runs gently. The water level is a little higher than ankle-deep most of the time, but it is just a trickle at the end of the dry season in May and may be deep and swift just after a storm during the rainy season. Under the water is smooth white sand, so the walk in bare feet is quite comfortable.

After the first couple of hundred metres, a fairyland appears in front of your eyes, made up of sand pillars that have been carved by the wind and water over the centuries as if an artist had fashioned them into weird stalactites or huge reliefs.

Continuing up the stream, a row of green coconut trees appear on one side, while the oddly shaped multi-coloured embankment exhibits even more unusual shapes on the other side. Some of the pillars point straight up into the sky.

Further upstream is a small waterfall that is nothing but a few lonely drops of water at the end of the dry season, but is more of an impressive sight during the rainy season. After walking up the stream, many tourists stop at an adjacent farm to ride ostriches. At the end of the stream, there is a small restaurant which serves local specialities, including a type of fresh coconut milk called “dừa ba nhát”.

If you want to go to the Fairy Stream, look for a small bridge across a creek located about two kilometres east of Ham Tien Market and about one kilometre east of the corner where Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street changes names and becomes Huynh Thuc Khang Street (It's the same street, but the name changes at the corner). Walk up a path on the northeast corner of the bridge where an attendant tells you that she will charge a small fee to watch your shoes. A group of young boys will offer their services as tour guides as you walk barefoot up the stream. Although some may tell you to pay an admission fee, it is not mandatory.

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Km 18.8, Ham Tien, Ham Tien, Vietnam