A Night in Saigon: ‘Saigon’ film premiere

activities - Saigon/HCMC: May 30, 2018

An evening dedicated to the premiere of ‘Saigon’, a film directed by Robin & Cako alongside the team behind the second issue of the L’Usine Journal, featuring six of Saigon’s influential creatives, all shot by local photographer Tuan Fr.


Saigon has always been in the world’s eye since the French Indochina era. Traditionally depicted as a classic heritage city sculpted by colonial architecture, the city is going through rapid changes. As time goes by, Saigon has become an ever-evolving city that carries an electric sense of contemporary hybridity and freshness.

Since the opening of its flagship store in 2017, L’Usine has found its unique position as a cardinal ambassador of Saigon, aiming to bring Saigon to the world. With that vision in mind, every careful step taken has prepared L’Usine for new customers as well as expansion overseas. The film ‘Saigon’, directed by Robin & Cako, was born to mark the evolution of a Saigon brand.


The brand film premiere event ‘A Night in Saigon’ was presented at the L’Usine flagship store on a cosmopolitan height that overlooks the tumultuous nightlife. People from all over the world gathered to celebrate the city that inspired ‘Saigon’. The fast lanes, bustling streets, concrete jungles and old apartments are brought to the screen; a Saigon bursting with colours and contrasts curates a sense of discovery and inspires a world which fosters its lively and dynamic lifestyle.

The brand film features characters who are not native to Saigon, but as ‘outsiders’ they are treated to a different perspective of the city. Thomas Johnson, a New York-based interior designer, describes Saigon as a beautiful chaos that gives him a feeling of discovery; “When you turn a corner, go through a gate, you’ll find something that you didn’t expect to be there”. Saigon in the eye of Mark, a Canadian-born designer, is a city full of colours and contrasts; it is everything, be it romantic or chaotic, dirty or clean, peaceful or noisy. Even the objects, sounds and smells are immersed in Saigon's distinctive soul.

At the same time, this event is to celebrate the second issue of the L’Usine Journal. For this journal, a small yet diverse group of six influential citizens – from artists and curators (Quynh Pham, Le Quoc Huy, Tuan Fr, Thai My Phuong) to public figures (Kim Ly and Suboi) – has been invited to answer one simple question, “What inspires you about Saigon?”. Everyday, Saigon is full of vibrant stories, giving them energy, experience, and knowledge that could be woven into their work.


Since its original foundation in 2009, L’Usine has been a vanguard of contemporary Saigon chic, reinterpreting the classic colonial heritage of Vietnam’s cosmopolitan capital to deliver a timeless and international customer experience. Its new flagship store overturns the image of L’Usine as the secluded hideaway in a restored historic building, establishing a prominent street-front presence that consciously targets a broader following. The brand’s new trajectory brings L’Usine to a new frontier of global ambassadorship for Saigon’s unique style.

Video source: L'Usine

Banner Image source: L'Usine Saigon