Angee the Diva’s Complete Guide to Vibe Nation Festival

activities - Saigon/HCMC: March 29, 2019

Music and performances keep Vibe Nation flowing day and night.

Good news for the festival foodie in us all.

Vibe Nation’s fun zones and activities will get you moving and let you relax.

Cliff’s Notes of the fine print - all the dos and don’ts

Can’t wait or can’t go? Here’s the list of Vibe Nation teasers this weekend.

If you haven’t heard about Vibe Nation Beach Festival, you have been hiding under one massive rock! Vibe Nation is the summer’s largest and most varied music festival in Vietnam! From 5 to 7 April, party goers from Saigon and beyond will be living their best lives at Hodota Resort and Boating Center, just two hours south of Ho Chi Minh City. And I’m here to give you all the tea on what to expect from start to finish. So let’s get into it!

All. The. Party. At Vibe Nation.

It is a music festival, so naturally that’s where we should start. There are four stages sprawled across the beautiful and eclectic grounds of Hodota Resort, each with full line ups to keep you rocking all day and night. Expect tunes, beats, and grooves covering various genres of music (not commercial EDM) from more than 80 DJ’s, bands, and musical artists from Vietnam and worldwide.

The party kicks off Friday at 10:00am on the Main, Beach, and Lake Stages with Reggae/Dancehall and Hip Hop/Funk/Soul. Though the Main and Beach Stages will go quiet around 4:00am, the Lake stage will continue right through Saturday until 7:00am Sunday morning! Don’t forget to check out the Secret Stage for a stellar blend of tunes from a global mix of DJs. Rest assured, no matter what time of the day or night, there will be grooves to suit your mood. For a full schedule and more information, browse the full line up.

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That’s not all! Over 40 performers will be bringing fire, circus, magic and surprises. The whole weekend will be filled with great shows, but here are a few of the acts I’m excited to catch:

- Genderfunk - There will be glitter and gagging and you might even get wet. You can never be ready for what will happen with this gender-bending bunch! Gather your whole crew for a prime-time spectacular, Saturday night on the Main Stage.

- Green Means Go - This guy is gonna blow your mind with his silky voice and beyond cool use of loops and sounds. Find him Sunday afternoon on the Main Stage.

- Maraphoria - This Filipina sensation will be rocking her last sets before she welcomes her bundle of joy into the world 😍. Don’t miss the old school hip-hop, R&B and house vibes live, Friday on the Main Stage or Saturday on the Secret Stage.

- Madam Goodsir - A roaming, latex-clad experience awaits as Madame Goodsir offers services like hugs, dancing, and spanking! See if you can spot her during the weekend.

- Saigon Dub Station - A main sponsor, this collective of guys bring all the reggae, dub and dancehall jams to the Beach and Lake Stages.

- Zilwa Band - Drums, soulful voices and tribal melodies synchronize to create a dance-worthy experience, Saturday afternoon on the Main Stage.

Rest up this week because you’re gonna need loads of energy and stamina to keep up all weekend long at Vibe Nation!

Amazing Options to Stay Fed and Watered

All the tasties in a small area, hot and fresh - and I’m not just talking about the cute boys 😜. Y’all know I live for a good meal and festival food is a major highlight for me. Thankfully, Vibe has all the flavours covered. You can expect food to be reasonably priced, on average between VND60,000 to VND100,000 per item. Feed your fix all day and late into the night from about 8:00am to around 2:00am.

There are vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, gluten-free, carnivorous and sweet tooth options. Basically everyone is covered and my stomach is already growling! Here’s the rundown:

- Kashew Cheese - Vegans will be blissfully satiated with sandwiches, salads, and platters showcasing this finger-licking vegan cheese.

- Union Jack’s is a Vietnam festival staple, serving their award-winning authentic fish & chips, British hot dogs, fish tacos, and potato scallops.

- Chaouen Lounge will be on hand to help you live your full Moroccan/Arabic food fantasy with hummus, veggie and chicken tajines, lamb asado and much more.

- Poke House brings the newest healthy food trend with flavorful and fresh poke bowls of all tastes and salads.

- Dolce Vita battles the heat with their awesome homemade ice cream.

- Panam Kebab brings nostalgia., cause what is a good night out without a kebab or two? Other hangover handlers include chicken tikka, veggie sandwiches, and loaded fries.

- Indika Saigon is bringing a new menu of tofu burgers, crepes, and ice cream.

- Hodota Resort will round out the food market with classic Vietnamese dishes and seafood BBQ.

No festival is complete without a watering hole to keep you hydrated. There will be two fabulous beer sponsors available. Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer is the working man’s relaxation aid, selling at VND50,000 for a cup and VND70,000 for a pint. Craft beer is represented by Te Te Craft Beer, selling their 4 flavourful and refreshing brews: White Ale / Electric IPA / Mellow Red & special brew debut! One cup of any Tete flavour will run you VND75,000.

Bring a bottle or buy one at the festival to hydrate the good ole fashioned way with water for VND15,000 each refill. There will also be a wide range of non-alcoholic beverages to keep the palate wet all day and night.

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Keep in mind that no outside food or drink, including alcohol, is allowed at the festival.

Vibe Nation BeachFest Offers So Much More

Come for the music, sample the food, and stay for everything else! Hodota Resort has a sick layout at its beach and lake. The grounds are peppered with colourful eggs, domes, and huts along tree-lined walkways - plenty of spots to get some great shots for Instagram. There are also lots of spaces to take a break from dancing, like the hammock fishing pond, snuggle pits, and bubble tubs. Or simply take in the nature and fresh air.

If you didn’t bring swimming gear, no worries! Just go visit the creative spots for face paint, body art, costumes, and copious amounts of glitter. How about some activities reminiscent of your childhood? Get wet with the squirt guns, try your hand at the circus toys, or show your best at competitions on the beach.

Wanna do something more creative? Head to the Creative Village manned by The Wavy Bunch. Go watch some of the live artists or get your own creative juices flowing with fingerpainting, crafts, and jewelry making.

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Learn something new at one of the many workshops. Do some yoga on the beach. Take a contact improv dance class. Create some art. Build a puzzle. Try some meditation.

You can also spend plenty of time wandering the stalls in the Vendor Marketplace. Unique clothes, cool playthings, earth conscious wares, and creative creations await. Be sure to take a few extra dong to buy a cool keepsake.

There will be no shortage of activities at Vibe Nation BeachFest. Grab some friends, make some new ones and have a blast. And be sure to visit ColorBox to capture special memories. If all else fails, look out for me! Angee the Diva and JK Hobson of #iAMHCMC will be wandering about on Saturday to get some video interviews with festival goers 😁

A Wee Bit of Adulting - Vibe Nation Essential Tips

Whether this is your first festival or your a seasoned pro, you’ll find these next bits of information helpful to ensure a fun, safe and comfortable experience. Here’s my list of Vibe Nation Do’s and Don’t’s.

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Do book accommodation ahead of time. You will need to sleep at some point during this party weekend. But, you can’t bring your own tent and there is very limited space for hammocks. There are still several accommodation options available, including 4-person tents, a few premium rooms, and a few double bed rooms. Another option is to purchase accommodation from somebody who has already pre-booked. Visit the PouchNation website or check the comments for listings on the Vibe Nation page.

Don’t forget about transportation. No bus company goes directly to Hodota Resort, so you need to either book through Vibe Nation, hire a taxi, or drive. Book bus tickets by phone/Whatsapp (no longer available online) at +84 93 777 5838. Driving is not advised (think about your state for the return journey!), but if you decide to take the road trip anyway, you must book parking ahead by emailing BEFORE 1 April.

Do bring some ID and cash. You will need a valid ID or passport to check into your accommodation, which they will hold and secure for you. If you choose not to bring your ID/passport, you will need a clear copy plus a deposit of VND1,000,000 to check in. You’ll need some money for food and drinks to load onto your PouchNation cashless payment bracelet. Whatever you don’t spend can be returned at the end of the festival, so it’s wise to bring more than you think you’ll need.

Don’t bring any outside food or drink including alcohol, juice and water. Other prohibited items are glassware, weapons, and drugs. Think of the gate like airport security. They’re gonna check your bags and confiscate any contraband or escort you off of the festival grounds.

Do pack light! You don’t want to lug a bunch of stuff around or, worse, lose something valuable. Try to keep it to one small bag or backpack. Bring a beach towel, swimsuit, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, mosquito repellant, light clothing for hot days and something warmer for cooler nights. Party clothes, costumes, or capes are also recommended. Remember, it will be hot and sandy. Dress accordingly.

Don’t bring valuables. Neither Vibe Nation nor Hodota Resort are responsible for anything lost or stolen, so best to leave precious items at home. Secure your things in your room or tent (with a small lock), and keep a watchful eye on anything valuable you need to have like phone or keys.

Do party responsibly. Stay hydrated, drink responsibly, wear sunscreen, rest as often as needed, don’t swim while overly intoxicated and “date” with care 😉. If you see someone who may be in trouble, get help from festival staff or medics. We’re all adults here and we all want to get home in one blissful piece.


Vibe Nation BeachFest is starting early with a weekend of teaser events all over Ho Chi Minh City. If you can’t wait to get this party started or unfortunately can’t attend, head out to these events to get you in full party mode.

EcoCentric Festival #2

Schiller Saigon, 28 Duong So 10P, Thu Duc District
30 March | 4:00pm to 7:00am | 

Earth conscious folks of Saigon, unite for a sustainability festival like no other. About 20 minutes north of District 2, Schiller Saigon welcomes back the party people for another day of music, food, and eco-friendly vendors. Featuring tunes from Vibe Nation artists as well as performers, vendors and food that can be found at the festival, this is a wonderful way to get those good vibes flowing. There will also be talks in the Organic Forum to elevate your mind and teach you something about sustainability in Saigon. Note that this festival is for adults 18 and over only. There will also be tickets to Vibe Nation BeachFest available for purchase.

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Meet, Make and Share: Vibe Nation Costume Making

Arcan, 236/43/21 Dien Bien Phu, Binh Thanh District
26 to 31 March & 2 to 3 April | 6:00pm to 11:00pm | FREE

Need to work on your festival gear? Arcan has you covered. Chill on their picturesque rooftop while making costumes with new friends. The team will provide some materials, but feel free to bring your own to use or share. Arcan opens its rooftop for several days to allow you to get those creative juices flowing and make something spectacular. So come hang out on the rooftop with good music, good drinks, and good vibes.

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Genderfunk Presents Saigon Is Burning: All Stars #2 Drag Battles

Saigon Outcast, 188/1 Nguyen Van Huong, D2
30 March | 7:00pm to 11:00pm | VND150,000

Saigon’s favorite drag troupe is back with another installment of Saigon Is Burning! This time, they welcome all the previous winners back to compete for the All Stars #2 crown. Head down to Saigon Outcast to catch this truly wild show full of gags, giggles and glitter. Competitors include the winner from the previous six editions of drag battles. Who will take home the crown? Come out and route for your favourite. Tickets to Vibe Nation BeachFest will also be available for purchase.

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Vibe Nation BeachFest Pre Party: DJs in Session

Indika Saigon, 43 Nguyen Van Giai, D1
30 March | 7:00pm to 11:00pm | FREE

Saturday night is rocking at Indika with DJs from Vibe Nation. DJ Manny and a special guest with spin tropical music vibes in the garden. Come thru to grab last-minute Vibe Nation tickets at VND1,500,000 (regular price, VND1,800,000). Bring some friends and buy 3 to get 1 ticket free. The discounted price and special offer are only valid on Saturday night at Indika.

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Hazy Lemon Sunday Day Party: Vibe Nation BeachFest Pre Party

Arcan, 236/43/21 Dien Bien Phu, Binh Thanh District
26 to 31 March & 2 to 3 April | 6:00pm to 11:00pm | FREE

Relax by the pool and sip a cocktail in the comfortable downstairs space of Arcan. Whether finishing up some costumes from the workshop, or listening to chill house, beats, and tribal, you’re sure to have a relaxing time at Arcan for the Hazy Lemon Party. A few special discount tickets will also be available. Don’t miss out on some of the DJ’s that will appear in the Vibe Nation lineup.

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Sunday Acoustic Session: Green Means Go meets Light of Tunel

Indika Saigon, 43 Nguyen Van Giai, D1
31 March | 7:00pm to 10:30pm | FREE

Green Means Go and Light of Tunel team up for chill acoustic sets on Sunday. Both acts will be hitting the main stage at Vibe Nation BeachFest but you can get a sneak peek this weekend. Slow all the way down in the garden with some reggae and dub vibes with a cool drink and some yummy food. Ease into your last work week before Vibe Nation with some chill vibes.

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Now if after all of this you’re still not excited about lagest music festival in Vietnam, check out this teaser video! I personally can’t wait to get my toes in that sand, dance the night away, and check out all the fun. As always, if you see me around, say hey! Snap a pic and post and tag @angeethediva in it and I’ll give you a special shout out. See you at the beach! #YoureWelcome.

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