Aube: A Hair Healing Heaven in the Heart of the City

activities - Saigon/HCMC: Jan. 21, 2021

An International Hair Salon in Saigon

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Finding somewhere to get a haircut in Saigon is not too difficult. Finding somewhere to get a good haircut in Saigon, is a little trickier. Finding a salon that uses premium products, provides excellent service and ensures you look a million dollars when you walk out of the door, takes time and quite a lot of effort.

Luckily, it doesn’t take as much time and effort as it used to. Aube Hair & Spa at 49 Truong Dinh, District 1 (almost directly opposite from Chanh Rooftop Bistro) is the hair healing heaven that we’ve all been waiting for. Nestled between a tailor’s and a coffee shop, the salon’s narrow front is easy to miss, but once you make it inside, a truly international standard hair salon awaits.

Aube Hair & Spa

Having opened in May 2020, Aube Hair & Spa is a relative newcomer to the Saigonese salon scene. But with over 250 salons in Japan, and international branches in Los Angeles, Hawaii, Vancouver, Taipei, Hong Kong and Singapore, Aube is far from being a novice in the international hair care industry.

At the Ho Chi Minh City salon, a team of experienced stylists, fluent in English, Japanese and Vietnamese, are on hand to offer a variety of cuts, colours (including balayage and highlights) and head spa treatments. As I sat down with Salon Director, Hiro, I was immediately put at ease by his willingness to listen to the long-winded explanation I gave for why my hair was in such a sorry state.

Like many women in Saigon, my hair had been affected by the humidity, the water quality and my fear of mispronouncing ‘trim’ in Vietnamese and receiving a ‘pixie cut’ instead. The result? A somewhat unkempt, unhealthy, unmanageable mess that more often than not, ended up in a ‘messy bun’, whether I wanted it to be messy or not.

To restore my hair to its former glory, Hiro talked me through the range of Hair Spa treatments available at Aube. Only premium, international brand products, such as Goldwell and Milbon are used in the salon. However, as the price of all the treatments was very affordable considering the level of quality, it was decided that I should try the Tokio Inkarami treatment to get my hair back into shape.

Aube Hair & Spa

A favourite among beauty reviewers and stylists alike, the Tokio Inkarami claims to strengthen your hair by up to 140%. By replenishing amino acids within the hair, and binding keratin to the hair’s cortex, the treatment restores and repairs dry, brittle hair, damaged by chemicals and over styling. Some people have referred to Tokio Inkarami as ‘a hair facial’ and as Hiro explained the process it certainly sounded more like a treatment that would be given by a beauty therapist, rather than a hairdresser.

In total, the Tokio Inkarami treatment takes about 90 minutes and involves five different stages. Firstly, Tokio 0 pre-treatment products are applied to your hair. These help the replenishing products penetrate your hair better in the later stages. Next, Tokio 1 and Tokio 2S products are applied to add keratin back into your hair and before steam is applied to increase the effectiveness of the products. The final two steps see more keratin restoring products applied to your hair (4 in total), before a replenishing oil is massaged through your hair to finish things off.

To receive the treatment, I was taken to Aube’s hair spa, a cosy, peaceful area separated from the main salon. Lying on the fully reclining spa bed, with my head and arms being massaged and my hair being pampered like never before, I felt so relaxed that the hustle and bustle of the city felt a million miles away. 90 minutes later I felt wonderfully energised after the treatment and massage, and excited to see whether my hair condition had improved.

Back in the main salon, Hiro began to blow-dry my hair, but already I had noticed that my hair felt heavier. It also seemed easier to brush, and as more and more of it was dried, the colour looked more vibrant and the texture was smoother. Of course, professional hair stylists always do a better job of styling your hair, but when Hiro was done and I was able to run my fingers through it, and it definitely felt better than it had done in a very long time. The frizz was gone and the ‘bounce’ that had all but disappeared when I arrived, was back!

Aube Hair & Spa

Thanking Hiro for the fabulous job he had done, he told me that the effects of the treatment should last around 3 months. At the moment I can’t confirm if this is the case or not, but one week after the treatment, my hair is still feeling much stronger, thicker and smoother. The frizz is still under control and even when it is left to dry naturally, my hair has more volume and ‘bounce’ than it did before I visited Aube.

If you are looking for a quality hair salon in Saigon that does not break the bank, I certainly recommend Aube. If you are looking for a hair spa treatment to rejuvenate your hair, I cannot recommend Aube highly enough. The products are of the highest quality, the staff are fantastic and when you leave, you’ll look and feel like a million dollars.

For a limited time you can receive 500,000VND off the Tokio Inkarami treatment at Aube.
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Aube Hair & Spa International, 49 Truong Dinh, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Image source: Aube Hair & Spa International