5 of The Best Views of Ho Chi Minh City As The Sun Goes Down

attractions - Saigon/HCMC: Dec. 23, 2015

Some of the best views of Ho Chi Minh City are not necessarily where you might expect to find them. This is one of the most dramatic and vibrant cities in the world. Like most Asian capitals there is a sea change between day and night, as the street vendors change shifts, the shops wind down and the bars crank up. Some of the most drab looking buildings by day scrub up quite well at night; I give you the Times Square building. As the sun bids farewell to each day, the sky takes on hues of every description, due in no small part to the high levels of pollution. It does though make for a very beautiful sight.

So when it comes to viewing our wonderful home as the sun goes down, where are the best vantage points to view this daily phenomenon? Just where are the best views of Ho Chi Minh City as the sun goes down.

Thu Thiem Bridge

Without doubt for me, the best place to set up your camera and get that evocative Saigon Sundown shot is the Thu Thiem Bridge between Binh Thanh and An Phu. Each night hundreds of lovers ride out here and stand holding hands to marvel at the wonder, that is their city. This open display of pride happens every night of the week. Food vendors even set up now to cater for the crowd that ride onto the bridge, park up and take in the view. This is one of the best views of the city, looking west straight at District 1 as the sun goes down behind the skyscrapers.

Thu Thiem Sunset

 Photo by: Ho Tuan Phong

The Crescent Lake, District 7

The view out over the lake from Ton Dat Dien, The Crescent, is always a very pleasant lists, and as the sun drops it really does impress. The water goes from sparkling silver to black with a myriad of reflected lights flickering away. There are many bars and restaurants here, where you can sit through dusk and into night watching Mother Nature’s free show. Whether you prefer a cold beer, a cocktail or a glass of wine, there are plenty of venues from which to choose. 

Crescent Lake sunset

 Photo by: Thecrescent-apartments

Rom Barbecue

Right in the heart of the business area Rom Barbecue on Luu Van Lang offers a different perspective of the city than most people are used to. This Korean owned restaurant is one of the city’s best kept secrets. They seem to do nothing to advertise the fact that they are here. But once you make it through the secret entrance, that looks more like an advertising agency than a restaurants, into the elevator and up to the roof, You are rewarded with a fantastic place from which to watch the nightly transformation. This is one of the best views of Ho Chi Minh city, full stop. Rom BBQ Sunset

Photo by: Rơm BBQ 

Binh Quoi

This is a little way out of the city but on a pleasant evening provides more than a good experience. From Binh Thanh, take Xo Viet Nghe Tinh out towards Thu Duc. Make sure you keep right when the road forks. This brings you onto an island that is formed by one of the Saigon River’s huge meanderings. If you follow the road round and head for the south of the island you end up at one of the riverside restaurants that are basically directly over the river from District 2’s The Deck. Sitting right on the river as the sun goes down, enjoying the view out over District 2 with a cold beer in hand is as good as it gets; an oasis of calm in amongst all the chaos.

Binh Quoi sunset view

Photo by: Binh Quoi 

Grand Café

The Grand Hotel is one of the truly iconic buildings of Ho Chi Minh City. This French Colonial masterpiece has been around since 1930. Perched on top of the twenty storey tower is the Grand Café. This is one of the few vantage points in the city that offers genuinely good city and river views. As the sun goes down the whole ambience changes. The views out to District 2 and Phu My Hung along the river are outstanding. At the same time the city skyscrapers feel so close you can almost touch them. The café welcomes a good clientele, a mix of office workers chilling out and holiday makers soaking up the views; the ambience is really good.

The bottom line is that there are many places in and around Ho Chi Minh City where you can see stunning sunsets. Apart from the myriad of rooftop bars and open spaces within the city centre, there are many more on the outskirts. Jump on your motorbike head out of town in any direction and as the sun starts to drop, the sky lights up and the show begins. Our city is a wonderful venue and when it starts to light up at night, it really does look its best.

Grand Cafe Sunset

 Photo by: senachautours