Lantern Galore at Saigon Sky Deck

attractions - Saigon/HCMC: Nov. 1, 2013

Saigon Sky Deck on 49th floor in Bitexco Financial Tower is organizing “Lantern Galore” event to celebrate the Mid-autumn festival from September 23rd to 30th. The event will display 200 hand-made lanterns created by participants at the tower’s restaurants during the week of the event. The best lanterns will also receive prizes such as dinner vouchers, Adidas shoes and backpack.

This is a great opportunity for Saigonese to showcase their creativeness and for foreign visitors to learn about lantern history and enjoy the colorful Mid-autumn festival, for busy parents to gift their beloved childrens, and for Vietnam to preserve a great cultural activity in a modernization where electric lanterns have replaced a big part of beautiful hand-made lanterns. This is such a beautiful metaphor to celebrate and keep alive Vietnamese tradition by lighting those hand-made lanterns among the city's thousands lights on top of HCMC's highest building.

Hoi An is a unique lantern town of Vietnam, but hand-made lantern associated with the Mid-autumn festival is absolutely different from the ones serving for decoration purpose from the central part of Vietnam. Back to 20 years ago, paper lantern was such a marvellous gifts for Vietnamese childrens on the Mid-autumn eve. Carrying a most beautiful lantern with a small candle inside, children usually gathered in group and marched through every alley in the neighborhood and sang loudly the lyric below

"Tết Trung Thu rước đèn đi chơi em rước đèn đi khắp phố phường
Lòng vui sướng với đèn trong tay em múa ca trong ánh trăng rằm...
Đèn ông sao với đèn cá chấm, đèn thiên nga với đèn bướm bướm em rước đèn này đến cung trăng.
Đèn xanh lơ với đèn tím tím, đèn xanh lam với đèn trắng trắng, trông ánh đèn rực rỡ muôn màu... "

"Tet Trung Thu, chirldren carry lanterns around the neighborhood
With lantern in hands, we happily dance and sing under the full-moon's light
Mr. Star lantern with Fish one, swan lantern with butterfly one, we carry all to the moon
Blue lantern with purple one, Green lantern with white one, the light looks brightly colorful..."

It was so long time ago such that cultural activity took place throughout Vietnam. From countryside to city, from corner of a small alley to centers of crowded streets, children hands in hands with their friends or in the arms of their parents showed the much of happiness to make a wonderful Tet Trung Thu.

Nowaday, the electric lanterns have been created to protect children from fire, however Lantern Neighborhood (Pho Long Den) still exists and displays all of the most beautiful lanterns to enhance the festival.

Local Insight: Free admission to the sky deck for customers who have lanterns participating in the festival and 500 gifts will be given to children attending the event on September 30th.