Local Insight: Madagui

attractions - Saigon/HCMC: May 31, 2016

Totalling 1,200 hectares – that’s over 1,463 American football fields, Madagui is one of the largest nature preservation sites and adventure getaways in Vietnam.

A 22 kilometre wall circles Madagui, protecting the wildlife roaming its ecologically undisturbed confines, including monkeys, deer, hogs, snakes and birds – most scared away by the sound of human footsteps. The management takes preservation seriously, and staff often compulsively picks up small items of trash and tosses them in the many garbage cans lining the grounds. The on-site resort villas also sport eco-friendly options to keep pollution and energy spend to a minimum.

Madagui is first and foremost an adventure getaway. Ziplining, canoeing, human hamster balls, paintball, and other solo and team activities draw crowds from both central and south Vietnam. 

“A 22 kilometre wall circles Madagui, protecting the wildlife roaming its ecologically undisturbed confines.”

Foreigners not used to Vietnam’s typical idea of a diversion may find some of these peculiar, such as crocodile fishing, where you feed crocodiles pig lungs by way of a long fishing rod. The crocs are on the small end (100 – 450 kg), and relatively docile. You buy a lung for VND10,000 and send it to its demise in the waters below. The crocodiles eat it up, thankfully without pulling you in. Since lungs float, lost bait is turned into an afternoon snack rather than polluting the bottom of the lake.

Those seeking a more physical thrill probably want to check out the giant hamster ball area, where you get into a human-sized plastic ball and get pushed off a hill. A sled is provided for a less intense alternative.

The shooting range has an array of ear-piercing guns in various shapes and sizes (don’t worry, the guns are fixed in a single direction, an instructor is always present and you are given decent ear protectors). AK-47s (VND35,000 per bullet) are a popular option and are easy to shoot. An M60 (VND35,000) is available for those who have the VND to spray like Rambo. 

Madagui’s paintball course was built in 2008 and houses a decent array of course and weapon options. You’ll be spending a minimum of VND120,000 for at least 50 paintballs and various fees. Those looking to calm their nerves without simulating warfare can go fishing on a boat at a nearby lake for VND50,000.

Madagui’s primary focus lies in exploring its expansive grounds. A bulk (80%) of Madagui is preserved forest. The sky trails consist of areal bridges built around flora, meaning sometimes you’ll have a tree sticking out in the middle of your crossing. This feels way more authentic than the usual kitsch you get at family adventure parks (although Madagui still has its fair share of swan-shaped pedalos).

“The sky trails consist of areal bridges built around flora.”

Perhaps the most stirring experience in Madagui is exploring the four caves, each ranging in difficulty and depth of descent. Each cave features an associated deity, like the bat god cave, or the most difficult cave – with a 20 meter depth and a 200 meter width – the cave of the god of the dead. Alternatively navigate the overworld trails and admire the giant boulders carved out to resemble effigies of various power animals. It feels like a movie set for an ancient Amazonian civilization.

Madagui Forest City
Km 152, National Road 20, Madagouil Townlet,
Da Huoai District, Lam Dong, Vietnam
Phone: +84 263 3946 999

AsiaMotions Summer Camp program at Madagui

It’s time for summer vacation and AsiaMotions Holiday Camps will be in full adventure mode this summer 2016.

There are many benefits to holiday camps; of course there is lots of fun with friends, but also the opportunity for personal growth, which comes from being in a safe and awesome outdoor environment where independence is encouraged. The program is thoughtfully designed to get campers active and participating within a group setting.

Throughout the week, campers will have the chance to go white water rafting, rock climbing, ziplining, paint balling, among other things, as well as more relaxing activities of outdoor cinema night, quizzes and pool time, all in the beautiful and lush outdoors of Madagui, Vietnam.

Children will be able to develop new skills, connect with nature and make new friends in a safe and nurturing environment.

AsiaMotions’ staff is experienced, First Aid trained and dedicated to making each camper’s week a memorable one.

By the end of the week our campers will have had a blast but also learned a lot about their environment, outdoor activities and themselves. Come adventure with us!

AsiaMotions is specialised in the organisation of school trips and holiday camps in Vietnam. More information is available in the links below:
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