Pexiga Viet Vape: A Vaper's Haven in HCMCV

Blogs - Saigon/HCMC: Jan. 6, 2017

Quitting smoking is certainly one of the most common New Year’s resolutions across the globe. If you are one of the world’s current one billion smokers, here’s a sad statistic – only 6% of people who attempt to quit smoking actually succeed.

Enter the age of the e-cigarette, also called the vaporiser or simply “vape” for short – the latest craze of cigarette cessation equipment that has created its own sub-culture.

Viet Vape Saigon shop

Helping You Get There

Making the decision to quit smoking is one of the hardest things a person may ever do, and it can feel like a lonely journey. So when a friend recommended Pexiga Viet Vape in Phu Nhuan District, I decided to give it a shot. This store and coffee shop was established in 2011 and has been consistently growing thanks to its outstanding customer service and huge range of products.

With a heart full of motivation and a head empty of any knowledge about e-cigarettes, I took a deep breath and entered Viet Vape’s Coffee. I instantly found myself in a relaxed cafe, where people sat in groups chatting and laughing together. I looked around and saw the attentive workers on-hand and ready to offer product samples and answer any questions.

Viet Vape Saigon

The staff could sense my naivety and bewilderment at the e-juice and accessories displayed before me. They put me at ease by asking if I would like a complimentary drink, how I was doing and what I was looking for in the store. I told them honestly that I had recently quit smoking, and within seconds the staff had lined up three of the “beginner” models, explaining the pros and cons of each. After a few minutes, we came to the conclusion that the eGo ONE V2 model would be the best way forward, and after trying it out I agreed.

Palette-full of Flavours

Viet Vape is not a store that encourages customers to “purchase and get out”. Many customers relax there for hours, meeting new people who share their common interest. While I was initially only interested in tobacco flavours, after trying some of the new store flavours, my eyes were opened to why 15% of Viet Vape’s customers are people who have never smoked and actually use e-juice with no nicotine whatsoever. One of my favourite flavours turned out to be Cuttwood Boss Reserve, a mixture of peanut butter, honey and banana. Never in a million years did I think I would enjoy something like this, but you never know until you try.


Pexiga Viet Vape currently offers a range of 100+ e-juice flavours from leading U.S. and Malaysian brands such as Kilo, BLAQ, Nasty Juice, Fcukin’ Flava and Moo E-Liquids. All of the products sold in-store are sourced directly from the manufacturer, so consistency and quality are assured.

Besides their quality products, one of the great testaments to Pexiga Viet Vape is that they genuinely care about the success of their customers who want to quit smoking. They told me that over 50 customers who smoked 40 or more strong cigarettes a day are now totally smoke free after making the switch to vaping.

After Sales Service

All devices from Pexiga Viet Vape come with a six-month manufacturer's warranty. Pexiga goes one step further by offering a free replacement for any faulty devices within three months of purchase, along with a total of 15 months of free repair and replacement of faulty parts. This shows you their commitment to customer satisfaction and their confidence in their products.

Viet Vape repair

With new locations opening in 2017 in D2 and D1, Saigon’s vaper community is set to continue growing.


Exclusively for readers of #iAMHCMC, Pexiga Viet Vape offers a special deal that includes the choice of one vape device (eGo ONE V2, Aspire PockeX or the Wismec Motiv) and a choice of any Malaysian e-juice for only VND899,000. Simply mention “#iAMHCMC” at the shop to get the deal.

You can receive a free membership card with any purchase over VND1 million. Membership cards can be used from the second purchase for a 10% total discount.

Contact information:

Address: 57 Phan Dinh Phung, Phu Nhuan District

Phone: +84 93 333 5588