Best Meal Plan Services in Ho Chi Minh City

food - Saigon/HCMC: Oct. 28, 2019

We’ve looked at some of the most popular meal plans in Ho Chi Minh City and evaluated how they fare for people with different dietary needs. Read on to find out which service is best for you!


Phone: (+84) 932 060 542

Plans: Smartmeal only offers 2 weekly meal plans covering Monday-Friday. You can choose Plan 1 (3 meals/day) or Plan 2 (2 meals/day). Prices will vary based on diet type and calorie intake, and their handy calculator helps you determine how much is ideal for your body type and fitness schedule.

Vegetarian/Vegan options: Smartmeal has a weekly vegetarian meal plan that varies based on your calorie intake, however they often include egg and dairy products. Be sure to make a special request if you prefer vegan--though you may end up paying the same for less.

Best Meal Plan Services in Ho Chi Minh CityImage source: Smartmeal

Special diets: Smartmeal offers a “Low-Carb Diet”, a “Healthy-eating Diet”, a “Body-building Diet”, and a “Vegetarian Diet.”

Vietnamese cuisine: The menu features a mixture of Vietnamese European-inspired cuisines.

Best for: Anyone looking for a simple, straightforward weekly plan catered to your body type.


Phone: (+84) 932 788 120

Plans: FitFood only offers weekly meal plans for 2 meals per day, but their “Full” and “Meat Lovers” plan can be upgraded to 3 meals per day. For a fee, you can customize which meals are delivered on a daily basis (i.e. breakfast and lunch on Monday, lunch and dinner on other days). 

Vegetarian/Vegan options: FitFood offers a weekly vegetarian meal plan. Vegan customers can specify no animal products in the special request form, but may end up paying the same for less as a result.

Special diets: Fitmeal offers their standard “Fit” plan, a “Meat Lovers” plan, and a “Vegetarian” plan. 

Best Meal Plan Services in Ho Chi Minh CityImage source: FitFood

Best for: People who like meat! No other service offers a “Meat Lovers” plan.


Phone: (+84) 90 148 2092‬

Plans: Weekly meal plans offer 2 meals per day (no breakfast options). A la carte options are available if you prefer just one meal or only want to cater for just a few days per week.

Best Meal Plan Services in Ho Chi Minh CityImage source: Flavorbox

Vegetarian/Vegan options: Flavorbox offers a vegetarian meal plan. For a vegan meal plan, you’ll have to specify no animal products, but may end up paying the same for less.

Special diets: Flavorbox offers “Light,” “Hearty,” “Vegetarian” and “Keto” meal plans.

Best for: People who need a flexible meal service that can be modified on a per-day basis.


Phone: (+84) 28 3930 9394

Plans: 8020fit has a comprehensive array of options: 2 meals per day, 3 meals per day, and 3 meals per day + 3 snacks to cover absolutely everything you need to eat in a day.

Vegetarian/Vegan options: There are currently no vegetarian or vegan meal plans offered.

Best Meal Plan Services in Ho Chi Minh CityImage source: 8020fit

Special diets: 8020fit is named for its 80% nutrition, 20% fitness philosophy. These meals are specially catered to people who do not have dietary restrictions and are looking for meals to supplement their fitness programme. Therefore, their meal plans are quite simply Menu A (lowest calorie count), Menu B (medium calorie count), and Menu C (highest calorie count).

Best for: People who take their fitness and calorie consumption seriously.

Smoothies and Juice Cleanse: Luminus Smoothies

Phone: (+84) 888 168 008 (D3), (+84) 888 912 008 (D2)

Plans: Luminus offers a 7 and 12 day detox plan using natural ingredients with no added sugar or condensed milk. In addition, you can order any of their smoothies or juices a la carte. An added benefit is that you can visit their storefront locations in D2 and D3 yourself, if you happen to be in the area or want to grab something on the go.

Best Meal Plan Services in Ho Chi Minh CityImage source: Luminus Smoothies

Vegetarian/Vegan options: All of their products are vegetarian, however many contain chocolate, dairy, and bee pollen, so vegans should read ingredients carefully before ordering.

Best for: This is a great option for someone who wants a liquid-based boost in addition to a healthy eating schedule.

Banner Image source: Smartmeal