Best Restaurants in District 7

food - Saigon/HCMC: Aug. 29, 2019

The newly-developed District 7 is rapidly becoming one of the best districts for international cuisine in Ho Chi Minh City. This area is, after all, the most Westernised in the city, with streets and architecture that more closely resemble southern Europe than southern Vietnam, and the restaurants and bars follow suit. Here are some of the best restaurants in District 7.


103 Ton Dat Tien, Phu My Hung, D7

Tel: +84 28 5415 6060

Best Restaurants in District 7Image source: Kingscross

Kingscross is a Harry Potter-themed restaurant in the heart of Phu My Hung at Crescent Mall. They’ve designed the interior to feel like you’re having a fine dining experience at Platform 9¾! Here you’ll find a wide variety of what they call “Western cuisine with a twist.” Chef Linh Tran brings his experience working in restaurants around Europe and Asia for the past 20 years to this fun and quirky dining experience. Come for brunch, lunch, or dinner. They even have “black pizza” on the menu! Visit to see it for yourself!

What people are saying: “My friends and I went for breakfast to Kingscross. Very nice food, everybody enjoyed and staff were very friendly too. I totally recommend this restaurant to everybody.”  - Travelwithevie, TripAdvisor

Boomerang Bistro

107 Ton Dat Tien, Phu My Hung, D7

Tel: +84 901 868 000

Best Restaurants in District 7Image source: Boomerang Bistro

Boomerang Bistro is an Australian sports bar that stands out as a high-quality restaurant. The location, in the Crescent, presents lovely views of the lake, especially at night. It advertises itself as a bistro, but this is the place where local Aussies gather to watch their favourite sports. It’s not cheap, but the quality is good and the atmosphere is energetic and lively. The restaurant gets really busy day and night, especially during weekends. 

What people are saying: “Nice restaurant next to the lake. Good cuisine and comfortable. Price is a little bit higher than other normal restaurants in VN. I will revisit with family.” - Raehyun Kim, Google Reviews

Red Tomato

SB11-2 Sky Garden, Phu My Hung, D7

Tel: +84 28 5410 2472

Best Restaurants in District 7Image source: Red Tomato

A plain and simple pizza and pasta restaurant in the midst of a mainly Korean area, Red Tomato has picked up a strong local following. With seating for only about 30 people, it is one of the few places in District 7 that opens until midnight, and for this reason has become a go-to place for hungry expats. A few specialities like their Seafood Gratin with Rice and the Barbecue Ribs deserve a special mention.

What people are saying: “By far my favourite place to go! Almost everyday I spent in District 7, I went there. Either for a coffee, smoothie, breakfast, dinner and to work on their wifi. Great music and ambiance. Staff are very nice. Love it!!”  - Kieu Duong, Google Reviews


54 Duong So 6, Tan Phong, D7

Tel: +84 28 5410 1627 - 08 5410 1628

Best Restaurants in District 7Image source: Ganesh

The Ganesh group have now opened several establishments throughout Vietnam and are known for their high quality restaurants serving authentic Indian food. Ganesh Restaurant in District 7 was refurbished recently and is a wonderful place to experience the delights of Indian cookery. They also have a location in D1, in case you find yourself craving Indian food but don’t want to make the trek all the way out to D7.

What people are saying: “Delicious Indian Food, Good Service, Reasonable Prices - one of the best Indian Restaurants in Saigon. I have been a regular customer of their District 7 outlet, Kudos to the D7 Manager (Mr Heera) for good service always!”  - Sachin Gupta, Google Reviews

The Sushi Bar 5

Đường C - Bắc, New South Urban City, Tan Phu ward, D7

Tel: +84 28 5411 0084

Best Restaurants in District 7Image source: The Sushi Bar

Serving delicious Japanese food and fresh sushi from 8 venues around the city, Sushi Bar opened their fifth location in the New South Urban City complex. The fish is flown in daily and together with fresh local ingredients the restaurant provides a huge menu. The feel of the restaurant is very authentic and together with the excellent cuisine this has become the most successful restaurant chain in the city.

What people are saying: “Good to have lunch. I like sashimi teishoku. Best quality among the franchise in Ho Chi Minh city.”  - Soondong Jang, Google Reviews

Cham Charm

2 Phan Van Chuong, Phu My Hung New Urban, D7

Tel: +84 28 5410 9999

Best Restaurants in District 7Image source: Cham Charm

This huge restaurant is designed around the concept of preserving traditional Champa culture. The restaurant covers 5,000 square metres and is incredibly striking from the outside. Inside, diners sit surrounded by beautiful artifacts from the Champa Kingdom—the experience is like eating in a high end museum. The seafood buffets are spectacular and this is an ideal venue for a group of people to enjoy a special occasion. In addition to a cigar and cognac bar, the restaurant boasts an extensive wine cellar of more than 1,000 wines.

What people are saying: “Food is delicious, fine seasoning, beautiful plating. Definitely return!” - Anh Thu, Google Reviews

El Gaucho

Unit CR1-12, The Crescent, Phu My Hung, D7

Tel.: +84 28 5413 6909

Best Restaurants in District 7Image source: El Gaucho

The El Gaucho chain is growing fast, however they manage to seamlessly maintain quality control of the food that they are serving. They have restaurants in Bangkok and Hanoi as well as their two in Ho Chi Minh City. They proudly serve some of the best steaks that you will get in Ho Chi Minh City. Top quality steaks are their signature and the D7 venue has the added attraction of outdoor seating, affording lovely views of the lake. This is not cheap, but a welcome addition to the culinary delights of Saigon.

What people are saying: “Great selection of steaks. But one of the more expensive restaurants in Vietnam compared to other Steakhouses in the area.” - Brandon Ly, Google Reviews

The Tavern

R2-24 Hung Gia, 3 Bui Bang Doan, D7

Tel: +84 28 5410 3900

Best Restaurants in District 7Image source: The Tavern

This is a well known and much loved bar and restaurant in a very good location in Phu My Hung. They serve excellent food at reasonable prices. Whilst it has more of a pub feel than that of a high class restaurant, the menu is extensive and staff serve you with warm smiles and efficiency. The Sunday lunch here is hugely popular as is their famous all day breakfast. It is a popular place among the large expat community in this part of the city.

What people are saying: “Great recommendation by an Aussie mate. Great pub food, ice cold beer and terrific service. Owner not a bad bloke either! If you're staying in the area (or not) def worth a look in. Yum.” - Kathy Nousbein, Google Reviews

Matchandeul Korean BBQ

49 Cao Trieu Phat, Tan Phong, D7

Tel.: +84 028 5412 6464

Best Restaurants in District 7Image source: Matchandeul Korean BBQ

In a district known for its large Korean population, it would be wrong of us not to include the hugely popular Matchandeul Korean BBQ, which comes highly recommended by Korean expats residing in Saigon. The restaurant gets crowded from early afternoon and well into midnight and waiting for a table can be a little lengthy, but is definitely worth the effort. Their menu specialises in Korean bred pork, carefully aged and matured by the establishment’s own secret methods, but we also love their Naengmyeon - Korean Cold Noodles.

What people are saying: “My favourite in Q7. Always busy and full of Korean folks which is a good indicator. The meat is aged and tasty. Service is attentive, polite and well-trained.” - Peter Hodge, Google reviews.

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