Eon51: Dining High Above the Rest

food - Saigon/HCMC: Sept. 20, 2016

Bitexico Tower’s culinary wonder, EON51 Fine Dining, is on its way to becoming a distinguished culinary powerhouse. The Chef’s Special Set Menu Dinner was a notable success- a fusion of Eastern and Western cuisines executed with finesse and intelligence. EON51’s head chef, Cuong Do showed his true gastronomic abilities by serving up numerous succulent dishes, all of which were displayed with a sound aesthetic presentation. Each course was meticulously paired with some fine wines and were a first-rate compliment to the extraordinary elements of each conceptualized course.

With an absolutely unparalleled view of HCMC, the backdrop to this remarkable encounter set the mood for the evening as patrons favourably adsorbed every bite of this impeccable set dinner. Having the chance to dine with a view like this is truly an occasion to be remembered.

The restaurant is broken up into three sections- the cafe, VIP area, and general dining floor, all of which contain their own individual ambiance. Together, this interior trifecta, which lavishly wraps around the tower’s center, opens up a panoramic perspective of the city in a way I have yet to encounter.

EON51’s comprehensive dining room service was first-class and all patrons were taken care of in a timely and courteous manner. Chairs were pulled out for you, napkins cordially placed on your lap, plates were precisely cleared and wine topped off. It was clear that the dining staff were very well trained, as they proved to be professional on a world class level, and were genuine in their approach to customer satisfaction. There was great attention to detail in every respect.

Aside from the Chef’s Special Set Menu which was, again, gratifying, EON51 offers Western, Asian and a variety of set menus. Guests are also inspired to create their own personalized plate with an eloquent assembly of a la carte options. Included in the Western portion are many well-orchestrated courses such as roasted cod fish fillet drizzled with black olive tapenade and sided with a warm prawn potato salad, Welsh lamb saddle with mechouia salad paired with fried pumpkin flower, and pan seared foie gras with green tea crumbs, spiced carrot, pumpkin puree, all kissed with a xeres vinegar reduction. Ideal favorites from the Asian menu include steamed black cod fish steak, and wok fried imported Japanese scallops with homemade Hong Kong style X.O sauce.

The wine selection was certainly upmarket and it was clear that much thought had been put into choosing and pairing plenty of renowned international wines.

What to Improve:

There could be a slight bit more continuity in regards to the design of the three dining areas, although they do work well individually. As a whole, the view inarguably steals the show, but there could be just a little more effort in regards to creating that truly deeply inspiring ambiance.

With just a tinge more training of the bar staff, great benefits would be seen if they had a deeper knowledge of the drink menu. As a whole, they were friendly, full of smiles and happy to help, yet not up to par with the dining service.