Experience Tank-to-Table Seafood at Le Méridien Hotel’s Bamboo Chic

food - Saigon/HCMC: March 27, 2019

Nestled in one of the restaurants comfortable chairs next to floor to ceiling bay windows, guests at Le Méridien Saigon hotel’s Bamboo Chic restaurant can take in stunning views of the Saigon harbour while satisfying their cravings for authentic Vietnamese food. Live seafood prepared to order, a Discovery tasting selection that serves some of the top local dishes, and an extensive à la carte menu, complete the creative new concept at Bamboo Chic, which is truly a love letter to Vietnam’s diverse cuisine.

Bamboo Chic, a branded restaurant from Le Méridien, a member of Marriott International group, previously served modern Asian cuisine including sushi and Cantonese dishes. However, in a food-centred country, like Vietnam, travellers arrived wanting to taste the local delicacies and the staff had to redirect them to other locations in the city. Le Méridien recognized that two things guests want when travelling are convenience and high quality. The hotel decided to offer an accessible option for Vietnamese cuisine, while maintaining the beauty of the decor and gourmet excellence of the brand.

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Bamboo Chic Reveals a New Culinary Concept

Bamboo Chic has now created a revamped menu that features a creative take on authentic Vietnamese food complete with a tasting selection of Vietnamese favourites, such as green mango salad, braised chicken in coconut curry, and a display of special sweets.

When guests enter the restaurant, they will first be dazzled by the beauty of the skyline that sparkles beyond the bay windows. The colours of the decor reflect the rich cultural tapestry of the country with deep aubergines, emerald greens and dark wood accents. The overall effect is one of comfort and glamour. After you’ve received your Kir Royal style welcome drink from the gracious staff it is time to relax and take time to delve into the copious specials that Bamboo Chic has prepared for your enjoyment.

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Tank-to-Table Seafood

A gleaming tank filled with the freshest catch seafood is set up so that guests can choose their speciality and have it prepared to their liking. The tank-to-table concept includes stand-out choices such as Canadian lobster, Blue Crab, grouper and a rotating selection of seasonal bests. Lovers of seafood can also order from the à la carte menu to sample an unbelievable array of luxurious and exotic options such as grilled live prawns with salt and chili, wok-fried Canadian lobster with crab roe, or steamed whole Seabass with soy sauce.

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The Nha Trang or Canadian oysters are a great starting place to sample the freshest flavours of the sea. Served either raw with a touch of lime—perfect with a glass of something sparkling—or grilled with spring green onion, the oysters will whet your palate for the next course of your choice. The tank-to-table concept allows diners to take control of their personal preferences with some guidance from the chef regarding recommendations for cooking styles and accompaniments. Love lobster with garlic butter? Why not try it with an Asian twist with some sweet and sour tamarind sauce? Perhaps, the sea scallops with a bit of heat from a dash of chili is more to your liking? Whether you choose grilled or boiled, classic or exotic, there is sure to be something to wow you on Bamboo Chic’s tank-to-table menu.

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The Bamboo Chic Discovery Tasting Selection

Amateurs of Vietnamese cuisine should know that the country offers a wide variety of tastes and flavour profiles. Each dish can be an explosion of sweet, and salty, citrus and spice. To give guests a way to sample the regional tastes without being overwhelmed, Bamboo Chic created the “discovery tasting selection” concept. 17 different authentic dishes from around Vietnam are prepared each evening and rotated based on client satisfaction and the chef’s creative choices. Bamboo Chic’s chefs take classic dishes and make them their own with new ingredients and flavours. For example, pomelo salad with prawns is a classic Saigon dish that can be found all over town. At Bamboo Chic, this dish has been reimagined with thin slices of beef layered onto the fresh fruit. Other comfort food favourites such as a hearty chicken and coconut curry give diners a window into Vietnamese cuisine that they may not have tasted before.

The tasting selection is also a more sustainable option since guests can enjoy excellent choices without the need for excess. An array of sweets such as syrupy banana cake and traditional Vietnamese che are a perfect end to the meal.

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In addition to the Discovery selection, Bamboo Chic’s à la Carte menu spans five pages and includes hot and cold Vietnamese appetizers such as light and classic fresh spring rolls with pork and prawn, which can be paired with a crisp white Sauvignon Blanc. Bamboo Chic’s traditional soups are always a popular choice, with the famed Bamboo Pho Noodle Soup coming in first. For the mains, beyond the live seafood choices, there are also some sumptuous options for meat lovers. The Grilled Beef in Bamboo is an excellent choice. Perfectly cooked beef is served tender and filled with flavours from a fragrant lemongrass marinade.

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Set Lunch Tasting Menus at Bamboo Chic

Bamboo Chic Restaurant is a sight to behold in the evening with the sparkling city skyline and discounted Happy Hour drinks served with panoramic sunset views. However, those in the know also head to the restaurant for lunch. Sunlight floods through the massive windows and lights up the modern glass and metal bar for a lovely effect. The intimate atmosphere and attentive service make it an ideal location for a business lunch or a mid-day catch-up with friends.

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The restaurant’s extensive collection of signature set-lunch menus means that there is something sure to delight every diner and every palate. The menus range from the Discovery, which is the perfect choice for vegetarians; the Chic and Cultured menus, which feature succulent, crispy pork belly or caramelized pork ribs respectively; and the Explore menu that includes all the best Vietnamese beef dishes such as a mini Vietnamese Beef Baguette, Grilled Beef La Lot, and Pho with Beef. Additional menus showcase creative Asian cuisine.

Come for the Atmosphere Stay for the Cuisine

Bamboo Chic invites guests on a culinary journey of Vietnam within the comfort of a world-class hotel. Le Méridien Saigon is centrally located in District 1, and includes all the top standards guests have come to expect from the brand such as excellent service, food quality and consistency, while Bamboo Chic energises the Vietnamese food atmosphere that makes Saigon such a top travel destination.

Whether you’re traveling through the country for the first time or returning to Bamboo Chic for a lunch date over stunning views and excellent food, the restaurant is sure to inspire your inner voyager. Let the fresh flavours of Vietnam become a part of your memories.

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Image source: Bamboo Chic