Fanny Ice Cream Review

food - Saigon/HCMC: Dec. 1, 2016

World class ice cream maker Fanny has opened a prestigious new shop in the fashionable Thao Dien ward of District 2.

The modern, newly built store is located in Tong Huu Dinh and features both air-conditioned indoor comfort and an al fresco area to the front. Scenes of Paris decorate the walls of this family-oriented business. This will be the fourth Fanny Ice Cream store in Ho Chi Minh City, the others being the 20-year-old shop in Ton That Thiep, one in the Vincom Center and the third on Tran Hung Dao. Ice cream fans in Hanoi can visit Fanny store on Ly Thuong Kiet.

Fanny Ice Cream

Frenchman Jean Marc Bruno trained at the world famous Parisian culinary school, Le Nôtre. More than 20 years ago he met Italian frozen desserts maker Gérard Taurin and together they launched their product in Vietnam. They realised that Vietnamese fruit was perfectly suited to making high-class ice cream.

“The name Fanny came from the eponymous character in the Marcel Pagnol book and the later movie.”

As for the product, Fanny ice creams are all made using 100% natural ingredients. No additives, preservatives or artificial flavours are used.

Additionally, the company sources only the highest quality of natural products. They scour the globe to bring the freshest, fullest natural flavours to their ice cream. In the range of over 40 flavours, fresh cream milk comes from New Zealand, the very finest vanilla is imported from Madagascar, world class chocolate from Belgium, premium green tea from Japan and super-rich yoghurt from Greece. Meanwhile, wonderful local fruits from Vietnam are used, all 100% natural and of the finest quality.

Strict quality controls are applied to the manufacture and presentation at Fanny’s stores. This covers such things as taste, aroma and colour; all aspects have to be perfect. The presentation in particular is superb. This is not like any other ice cream parlour. Think classic French fine dining and you’ll get an idea of what will arrive on your plate.

Fanny has a unique way of presenting its a la carte ice creams. Customers can choose interesting accompaniments alongside their treat. For example, fruit flavours may be accompanied with passion fruit juice or chunks of chocolate. They have thought these combinations out well, perfectly balancing the ice cream and the accompaniments. The artistic way that these are then presented on the plate is a real head turner.

“Starbucks is a customer of theirs now, and offers Fanny ice cream in its Ho Chi Minh City venues.”

It is worth stressing that this really is artisanal ice cream, wonderfully crafted and displayed. Fanny has made it its mission to prepare and present delicious five-star French ice creams to Vietnamese people. The food menu offers crepes and high quality coffee alongside local favourites like noodles, tortillas and dim sum all day long, with other affordable eats ranging from VND25,000 to VND69,000. Other specialities on offer include the wonderful ice cream and chocolate fondue, a huge hit with families. The drinks menu is incredibly creative. Ice cream sodas, coffees with ice cream (including Vietnamese “weasel” coffee), smoothies and ice cream milk shakes are all very popular.

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