For Business or Pleasure, Shri Lounge Works Wonders

food - Saigon/HCMC: Nov. 19, 2019

Shri Lounge features stunning views and so much more.

Flexible spaces are becoming all the rage.

Shri offers a unique solution for small and large gatherings.

It’s a rooftop experience like no other. Shri Restaurant & Lounge, established in 2009, was Saigon’s first ever international standard rooftop restaurant and bar at the time. It was an immediate sensation, with some of the most frequent clientele being celebrities, politicians, tourists, and expats. Now, ten years later, Saigon is overflowing with rooftop dining and bar experiences. Paired with soaring economic growth, more and more of Saigon’s residents are able to choose from an exploding food and beverage market, with rooftop bars, restaurants, and lounges galore. 

Shri Saigon

Yet none of them truly caters to each individual client with the level of flexibility and the range of services that Shri has to offer. Beyond that, Shri remains one of Saigon’s most beautiful and versatile spaces for drinking, dining, gathering with friends and coworkers, and even as a flexible work space.

Limitless Opportunities at Saigon’s Best Rooftop Restaurant

Walking into Shri Restaurant and Lounge, you’ll immediately be taken in by the openness and airy comfort of the lounge that greets you. The room features mixed seating arrangements with tall tables occupying the middle space and comfortable, brightly-coloured cushioned chairs wrapping around the perimeter. Greenery and hanging plants are a defining characteristic of the space, giving it a natural vigour and a feeling of freshness. A piano sits in the main lounge, with live music typically played on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. One wall features an array of backlit vintage cassette tapes. It’s an atmosphere that is all at once stylish, inviting, and playful.

Shri is a highly versatile lounge full of fun quirks and twists that give it a decidedly unique personality, as well as a wide variety of functional spaces. Their library room, which has its own bar, is a fantastic space for a more intimate, casual gathering. It’s also perfect for a quiet afternoon away from the hustle and bustle of the city streets.

Shri Saigon

Moving outside, there’s a terrace lined with tables overlooking the best rooftop view in Saigon, facing the city center, with the iconic Bitexco tower in full view, as well as the recently-built Landmark 81 further to the left. Though gorgeous by day, the view takes on a whole new, captivating character by night, with dazzling multicoloured lights and the warm glow of street lanterns radiating from below. It’s the perfect space for a sophisticated dinner party with a stunning panoramic view that is unparalleled anywhere else in the city. In addition to outdoor seating, the terrace is partially squared off by an indoor glass-walled seating area with air conditioning. Guests who sit here don’t have to sacrifice an incredible view with the comfort of a climate-controlled environment, and access to the outdoor balcony is always just a few steps away.

An additional terrace features a lush, green environment with water features that give it a more zen feel. This is a more open arrangement that can be either enjoyed separately or joined with the other terrace for a multi-dimensional outdoor drinking and dining experience. And directly adjacent to it is an additional private meeting and event space with a complete 360 degree panoramic view of the entire city. 

Shri Saigon

There are so many possibilities at Shri for just about any kind of event. Business meetings, work parties, wedding receptions, or just a casual gathering with friends and family. Their extensive food and beverage menu ensures they’ve got something for everyone’s taste. A full range of cocktails, smoothies and fresh juices, as well as their masterfully curated international cuisine leaves little to be desired. Amazingly, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Shri specializes in custom catering to almost any conceivable request. How about a completely custom menu exclusively for your event and their guests? Shri can either take your directions to the letter, or work with you to curate an entirely customized dining experience. Don’t care for food but want to focus on specialty beverages? Shri’s expert bar staff can create an entirely unique cocktail menu just for your party. 

Shri Saigon

What about entertainment? A sound system, a DJ, perhaps some live music? No problem. If you have your own entertainment in mind, Shri can accommodate. If you want to add entertainment but don’t have the contacts, Shri’s wide ranging network is available and at your disposal! They can hire just about anyone or anything you can think of to make sure your gathering is not only fun and unforgettable, but entirely your own and unmatched anywhere else.

The Growing Importance of Flexible Spaces

Compare this, for a moment, to the typical experience at a hotel ballroom. Far from having options, you’ll have a limited set of courses mass-produced with almost no room for customization. You’ll have a large, open space with tables set up, often no windows; a sort of dining room version of office cubicles. You’re pretty much stuck with what the hotel already has on offer: usually just a few pre-packaged options to choose from.

Shri Saigon

Though decades ago a ballroom company party or wedding reception may have been the expectation and the norm, these days more people are looking for ways to make their events unique, memorable, and fun. Not just a stale, going-through-the-motions self-congratulating ceremony, but a true and authentic experience. With a wide array of functional spaces, ambiance, nearly limitless flexibility with decor, food, and entertainment, alongside the incredible sky-high views, Shri lounge is one of Saigon’s most attractive options for any professional or social gathering.

Beyond throwing a party, Shri lounge is an excellent place to have a more formal meeting, or a brainstorming session, or even a day for team building. For small and large gatherings alike, Shri has flexible spaces to accommodate. 

Shri Saigon

Traditional work spaces like offices, cubicles, and stationary desks, are increasingly falling out of favour among researchers and cutting edge new companies that seek innovative ways to increase a sense of teamwork and belonging, boost productivity, and achieve higher-quality results. It has been shown at many modern companies that having flexible spaces and flexible working hours can actually have a tremendous benefit for employers and employees alike.

Since laptops, tablets, and mobile devices bring us unprecedented levels of virtual connectivity, face-to-face interactions at work are less essential than they used to be, though the benefits of in-person interactions are still critical to a healthy working environment. A Harvard Business Review article about workplace design found that “face-to-face interactions are by far the most important activity in an office.” In response to this Steve Jobs at Pixar pioneered a new office layout, comprised of unassigned desks and communal work areas, which mean employees were more likely to move throughout the day. This would encourage employees in different departments who interact with each other in a way they might not otherwise.

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Cisco Systems recently published a case study about their own office redesign, in which they found that their employees weren’t staying in their cubicles but in fact spent most of their time moving around for meetings. They created a more flexible, open air arrangement with the intention of creating a mentality that the entire space was each employee’s office, not just a small room or cubicle. Their real estate costs went down by 37 percent, and they managed to accommodate even more people in the same amount of space.

Some companies, like Citrix systems, have even gone as far as putting all office furniture on wheels! This allows everyone to move around and create new collaboration spaces as needed. It also allows the creation of private, “heads down” spaces for people who need to work in a more focused manner.

New companies like WeWork have emerged that specifically address this issue and allow workers to rent out flexible work spaces to get their work done. They have become increasingly popular choices for people who need alternative collaborative spaces, or for business travellers who need a temporary but reliably comfortable work space during their time away from home. They often include open floor plans that follow closely the goals set by Cisco Systems, so no matter who you work for, you can always rent a space that is more cutting edge and suitable for teamwork.

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Going beyond the world of business, even educational institutions have begun re-shaping how their classrooms function, moving away from a traditional desks-facing-forward grid with a lecturer writing on a board in front of the classroom, and rightly so! This layout goes all the way back to the 18th century, and times have certainly changed dramatically since then. The way we learn, the way we work, and the way we interact with each other has taken on a completely new meaning with the introduction of modern technology and tools. Therefore creating more open, flexible environments in schools has closely mirrored a trend happening in the corporate world as well.

In a modern world full of new challenges to tackle, creativity and flexibility are key. It’s no wonder, then, that having a work environment that encourages and reflects the creativity and dynamic nature of your team can have a profound impact on your productivity and success. Schools are finding the same thing to be true of the learning process in children and young adults. It’s no wonder that companies who switch to this more modern approach to working and communicating are seeing marked improvements.

Shri Saigon

A Modern Solution at Shri Lounge and Restaurant

It’s challenging, however, for businesses to undertake a massive remodel or completely re-work the entire layout of their buildings—particularly small businesses who operate with limited spaces and budgets. Many local businesses are increasingly looking for ways to outsource their creative spaces and find cafes, or rentable spaces like WeWork, or even hotel ballrooms to have a greater sense of freedom and openness that can help a team brainstorm and work together more effectively.

Shri Lounge is the perfect alternative! Available for booking any time during the week, they’ve got small and large spaces for your team to work the most effectively in the type of flexible space that has been found by numerous studies to have a range of benefits, including increases in employee comfort, well-being, and productivity. They’ve got much more flexibility than a hotel, a cafe, or even a leasable office space like WeWork. They offer complete support for setting up technological fixtures necessary for presentations and other needs your team might have. They have indoor and outdoor seating so that you can do some of your work in the fresh, open air. Shri is such a popular place to get work done, in fact, that many office workers within the building opt to take the elevator up to the top floor and spend part of their work day in Shri’s amazingly accommodating atmosphere.

There’s nothing more important to the integrity and strength of a team than the ability to collaborate creatively, dynamically, and in a way that is intimate and creates a sense of belonging. That’s why Shri put such tremendous value on personal service—that is, customized service with complete flexibility for each client’s needs. For gatherings large and small, no matter the occasion, Shri curates an entirely unique experience for each group depending on their requests and preferences. 

Shri Saigon

Whether you’re organising a business lunch in Ho Chi Minh City, an office worker looking for an alternative working environment, or a team looking to work creatively in a fresh, dynamic space, Shri Lounge can accommodate you. And with limitless flexibility, a full food and beverage menu that can be customized by request, as well as support with entertainment and decor to make every gathering wholly unique and special, the stunning rooftop Shri Restaurant and Lounge sets itself apart by curating a truly special experience for every gathering.

Image source: Shri Restaurant and Lounge