MANZO: Beef and Craft Beer with a Japanese Flair

food - Saigon/HCMC: Nov. 5, 2018

Possibly the first food and beverage establishment in Ho Chi Minh City to introduce the Japanese-style niku-baru (meat bar) concept to Vietnam, since its inauguration in May this year. MANZO is conveniently located in downtown District 1 on Le Thanh Ton street, home to a growing Japanese enclave filled with gastronomical surprises known intimately to both expats and locals as ‘Little Japan’.

Manzo restaurant

With a casual wooden interior that combines the nuances of Japanese simplicity with a visual reminder of classic European beer halls, MANZO may just be the perfect after-work chill-out place if you fancy good meat, good beer and good company. Boasting two spacious levels, a tap bar, terrace and enough private space to host a party of approximately forty people, MANZO’s name conveniently translates to beef in Italian, reinforcing the fact that its founders and Japanese-trained head chef are ready to satisfy any cravings for well-prepared flesh.

To begin, tantalizing starters such ‘Ajillo Garlic Oil Bacon-Rolled Oysters’ combine umami flavours of both terrestrial and aquatic origins for maximum enjoyment. Fancy something with an Asian touch? Try MANZO’s Octopus and Avocado Marinated with Wasabi Soy Sauce and the signature Caesar Salad with Hot Spring Egg.

Manzo restaurant

Dry-Aged Beef + Demi-Glaze = Steak Heaven

As the first steakhouse in Ho Chi Minh City to feature in-house dry-ageing, MANZO’s dry-aged beef such sirloin and tomahawk steaks are definitely stars of the show. Temperature, humidity and air-circulation are crucial and a specialised dry-ageing refrigerator assures utmost quality and hygiene throughout the lengthy process which lasts at least three weeks. When beef is aged, naturally-occurring enzymes break down muscle tissues, improving texture and flavour. dry-ageing entails a loss of up to 30 percent of the meat’s original weight and must be trimmed before cooking; a sophisticated sacrifice for the enjoyment of MANZO’s guests.

Beyond the liberty of well-doneness, diners are able to choose two types of special flavoured salts and sauces with their steaks. One of the most popular choices is the handmade red wine salt which is painstakingly created by reducing a solution of wine and salt over low heat. MANZO’s black beer sauce is a demi-glace sauce made with one of Saigon’s most celebrated craft beers, Rooster Beer’s signature dark ale, resulting in a true fusion of gastronomical traditions.

Manzo restaurant

Craft Beers for a Well-Crafted Meal

Sporting a bar counter with a total of 14 beers on tap, MANZO’s emphasis on local craft beers is admirable. Apart from amazing craft brews made by local veteran brewers such as Pasteur Street Brewing Company and Tê Tê Brewing Company, MANZO is proud to present a range of beers from 7 Bridges Brewing Company that hails from Da Nang City. The 7 Bridges’ Vietnam Red Ale (5.5% ABV) is a crowd-pleaser. For something stronger, indulge in 7 Bridge’s Imperial IPA (9% ABV) which is floral and citrusy, you’ll forget what you’re about to get into!

MANZO also offers lunch sets of great value. The beef katsu cutlet is coated with Japanese-style panko breadcrumbs and fried to golden perfection, before being topped with demi-glace sauce and served with a choice of miso soup or soup-of-the-day and a choice of rice or homemade bread.

Manzo restaurant

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Image source: Butcher MANZO & Craft Beer Bar