Napoli’s Pizza

food - Saigon/HCMC: Jan. 25, 2016

With a prolific record of 68 shops opened in Japan in the last four years, Napoli's pizza has made a name for itself with fast, tasty Italian pizza and great prices. The chain’s first store opened on Ly Tu Trong, near New World Hotel, in 2015, with 20 more shops planned over the next five years throughout Ho Chi Minh City. A second shop now resides on 54 Dong Du in District 1, named Pizzeria Bar Napoli's, and is more focused on drink selection and ambiance. 

The Saigon pizza scene has been steadily growing, with more small, quality-focused pizza shops springing up to offer authentic pies, along with large chains like Pizza Hut, Domino’s and Al Fresco’s opening stores at a rapid pace. Napoli’s aims to provide a steady balance between fast-serve pizza and Italian authenticity, using quality ingredients while maintaining affordable rates. 


Napoli’s is a casual dining space, with small hints of Italian influence in the red-brick design. The cozy, comfortable seating is great for groups, and the al fresco area is nice for couples and solo passersby.

Movies play on silent from a projector near the end of the shop, allowing for some distraction while you eat.

The eatery adopts a Japanese approach to customer service and continuously improves as guest feedback comes in. The servers are smiling and prompt throughout the day. English is fine, and the service staff brings you your pizza in minutes.

The restaurant is equipped with fast Wi-Fi, with passwords written on every table, along with convenient electric outlets right below the seats.

Food & Drink

Most ingredients are imported from Italy, with little compromise. This include Italian cheese, flour, tomatoes and ham. Smoked salmon is imported from Nha Trang.

The menu is simple, consisting of two fresh juices, four smoothies, Lavazza coffee, wine, beer, cocktails and mocktails. Drinks are all low in price for the central location - keeping Napoli Japan’s idea of low-priced beverages to compliment the food.

The food menu consists of 14 tapas, 12 pizzas and a small selection of salads, pasta dishes and desserts.

During our time there we tried the following:

Teriyaki Pizza

Like most of their pizzas, the teriyaki pizza infuses Japanese elements with classic Italian ingredients. The pizza, despite being cooking for only about a minute or two, turns out tasty, especially while fresh and hot. The speed of the serving is achieved by a special Napoli's-built oven designed to produce quality pizza at a fast rate.

Additionally, there is seaweed, teriyaki sauce and corn on the pie. It’s filling enough to be share by two people.

Mixed Berry Smoothie

The mixed berry smoothie is sweet as candy, with whipped cream and cherry sauce making up a good portion of the drink. Fans of sweet drinks will love it. If you want to downplay the sugar, we suggest the following drink…

Green Tea Latte

Imported matcha, local coffee and Japanese green tea are served in a large cup that lasts the entire meal. Not overly sweet, this latte is great during lunch.

What Can Be Improved

  • The smoothie was a bit too sweet for our taste - less sugar in the drinks would have made for a more balanced refreshment.

  • There is no parking for cars in the immediate vicinity.

What People Say

Napoli has a solid four bubble rating out of 40 reviews on TripAdvisor, with a majority of five bubble reviews and a minority of four bubble and three bubble reviews, with four at the time of writing dipping below these ratings. Most comment on the fast and welcoming service and the taste of the pizza, with several comments on the opposite side of the spectrum for food and quality.

Contact information

Address: 284-286 Ly Tu Trong, D1


Phone: +84 28 3824 8083