Old Wine in New Skins: Pendolasco Opens a Garden Restaurant in D2

food - Saigon/HCMC: Sept. 6, 2017

Regular customers of District 1’s Pendolasco Italian restaurant on Ho Chi Minh City’s ever-so-busy Nguyen Hue walking street might be surprised to find a little note attached to their bills in these days, saying: “Pendolasco is moving.”

Stay calm now, keep breathing and read again. The good news is: moving is not closing! All it takes to get what some call, one of the best pizza in Saigon, is to zip to hip Thao Dien in District 2, where a brand-new Pendolasco garden restaurant will open its doors. Prepare for some can’t -say-no grill and pizza specials!

But first, to work up your appetite, Pendolasco has prepared some culinary teasers at their closing D1 venue. From 13 to 14 September, guests will get a free Prosecco aperitif, accompanied with snacks and finger food, for lunch and dinner, while the new location in D2 at 30 Tong Huu Dinh – a mere six street numbers away from long-established Pendolasco D2 – is getting ready. Mark your calendar: the soft opening is scheduled for 23 September 2017.


But of course, there are those three questions on your mind:

What’s All This About?

Pendolasco D2 is now becoming a double-venue. What used to be Pendolasco D2 – stays Pendolasco D2, but as part of a new concept: Pendolasco to go!

Imagine the current guest area as an Italian bakery and snack bar, where all-homemade focaccia sandwich and pizza goodness await in handy sizes for a quick bite. The ready-made food offers will even include a lasagna station!


These quick-fix satisfiers can be enjoyed to go, or while unwinding in the coffee-shop area, accompanied by a good cup of Italian coffee. Pendolasco doesn’t make any concessions here. Pizza, bread and coffee are served to go, but still carry the Pendolasco seal of quality: it all meets their well-known restaurant standards.

Get your latest updates about the new bakery brand on Pendolasco’s Facebook page.

What’s the New Restaurant Like?

The soft opening is your best chance to find out. Nibble on the new dishes while exploring the generously laid-out garden area and the almost mandatory imposing D2 villa in the back. Regular customers will instantaneously feel at home as, despite the larger dimensions, the new venue keeps the classic, cosy Pendolasco feel and laid-back Italian touch, topped off by two intimate gazebos overgrown by vines and set in greenery.

Pizza and Grill Stations

The first thing that’ll catch your eye, however, are the pizza and grill stations. Obviously, there’s no Pendolasco without the most groundbreaking innovation of Italian engineering: the wood-fired oven. No worries, you’ll get the usual quality here. Pendolasco Thao Dien will welcome chef Alessandro Ferretti.


Right next to the pizza station – and this is new – the chefs will also curate a grill station where the freshest meat and seafood will be cooked to order. Prepare for regular pizza and grill specials!

A Garden Bar

For those who’ve already had their pizza fix at the Pendolasco shop cum bakery down the street, the new outdoor standing bar on the restaurant premises, complete with happy hour and the occasional live performance, might become the new go-to place for a casual afterwork drink in a mediterranean surrounding. Pendolasco Restaurant is now Pendolasco Restaurant & Bar!

Inside the Villa

For those rainy days that – alas! – can spoil an open-air dinner night out in District 2, there’s still the villa that has been turned into a charming, trattoria-style tavern. This is the place for a spirited chat with a close friend over a good glass of wine all’Italiana. Keep an eye out for the collection of Vietnam-related items from owner Carlo Anzon’s personal stock!

An Extended Menu

The traditionalists among you will be relieved that Pendolasco keeps true to itself. You’re worried your favourite pasta dish or pizza variation might not make it into the new menu? Fear not, you’ll find them alongside a range of appetising additions, such as ravioli filled with Gorgonzola and Parma ham in brown butter sauce and sage, or barley soup with Parma ham. And who would complain about being spoilt for choice?


Another noteworthy novelty: Pendolasco will be open for breakfast and brunch, including a brand-new breakfast menu!

How About Delivery?

Many of you will know Pendolasco as their supplier of choice for rainy-Sunday-afternoon home delivery pizzas. Rest assured: things are only going to change for the better. What used to be the kitchen of the old restaurant will now become the Pendolasco delivery centre. With the food being invariably produced in the huge kitchen area at the new venue by the combined D1 and D2 teams, your orders will be refined, boxed and delivered in no time as the restaurant and delivery areas are split to speed up the process. This also means less waiting time at the restaurant. We’re all winners here!

Image source: Pendolasco