Pendolasco: The Trattoria Inside a French Villa

food - Saigon/HCMC: Nov. 27, 2017

If you picture yourself having a nice dinner surrounded by a tranquil and enchanting atmosphere, new Pendolasco’s garden restaurant in District 2 would perfectly suit you.

After 20 years at the ever-busy Nguyen Hue, the Pendolasco team decided to move and open a new branch barely 200 metres from their existing location in Thao Dien. What makes their new eatery so special? “When you come across a villa like this, it’s really hard not to picture a new concept for our restaurant,” said the owner of this landmark, Carlo Anzon.

“We couldn’t pass on the opportunity to create a revolutionary dining experience that yet maintain the Pendolasco feeling.”

New Beginnings for One of the Best Italian Restaurants in Saigon

Business at Nguyen Hue was great, but rising rental costs made Carlo and his team decide to move. “The big franchises can cope with the soaring real estate prices. Serving good food at a reasonable price has always been our policy and we didn’t want to make any compromises on that,” Carlo said. Luckily for them, they stumbled upon an old French villa. This allowed them to take Italian cuisine to the next level by adding a grill corner, an outstanding outdoor seating area and a fancy glass-wall bar facing the garden. These make their new venue a must-go for those craving real Italian cuisine.

The ribbon was cut at the grand opening on 23 September, gathering Pendolasco’s regular customers as well as curious ones.

But there are many more surprises on the making. Besides having Rome-born chef Alessandro Ferretti managing the kitchen. Pendolasco can also brag about their special recipe “pizza alla palla” coming in fifth at an international pizza contest in Parma last April.


This pizza is topped with fresh ingredients and served on its namesake paddle. Compared to the wood-fired Neapolitan pizza, it’s made with a lighter dough (filled with air bubbles) and baked in an electric oven, a combination that creates a delicious crispy flatbread. Pendolasco introduces this distinctive Italian pie to demanding customers who are always looking for new flavours.

The Old Just Got Even Better

If you have been to Pendolasco before, you probably now its hand-picked selection of scrumptious dishes from all corners of Italy: North, Central and South cuisine. The menu keeps getting better with a new ‘home-cooked specialty’ every two weeks making this a top contender for being one of the best Italian restaurants in Saigon. What’s more, it now serves breakfast and brunch.

All these additions plus the well-known signature dishes, along with the selection of red meats prepared at the grill corner, will spoil both old and new customers for choice.

On top of this, delivery service just got even better. What used to be the kitchen of the old restaurant at 36 Tống Hữu Định will now become the ‘hub’ for delivery. But there will be a bakery station inside serving Italian delicacies ‘on the go’ such as focaccia, pasta fresca and other ready-made quick bites for those in a rush. Pasticcini (pastries) and authentic Italian espresso coffee are the icing on the cake for this new face of Pendolasco’s delivery centre.


And the fun doesn’t stop there. Bring your kids to Pendolasco during the weekends as they will get to be pizza masters for a day while learning about the cooking process from beginning to end. These workshops are a great way to get them interested in cooking. They will even get to eat their own creation!

Image source: Pendolasco