Saigon’s Cuisine World Knows Your Party is Serious

food - Saigon/HCMC: April 26, 2018

Tet is long over and with it went the endless entertaining. But the urge to throw a great party will inevitably arise again, be that for your coworkers or your family or just because. And, no offense, but the last minute decorations and hors d'oeuvres you put out at your last get together — well, they weren’t bad, but it just wasn’t your best work. Some things are better left to professionals, no?

Enter Cuisine World

The caterer and event planner stands at the ready with a range of food and entertainment services to make your next wedding, company party or child’s birthday an event to remember.

Cuisine World

Child’s Birthday Party, You Say?

Though they plan all kinds of events, Cuisine World’s managing Director Katie Nguyen said the company’s direction the last months has pushed them in a definite new direction: kids’ birthday parties.

Now, “everyone knows us as a destination for that,” Nguyen said.

So, why not make it official?

Cuisine World

Starting this summer, Cuisine World will roll out a dedicated children’s party service, which offers not only catering for events but also includes children’s attractions like play areas and games. They’ll even take care of the decorations.

While the decision to specialize in children’s birthday parties may seem a little unusual, when you consider that event planning services tend to fixate almost entirely on weddings, corporate occasions and other adult soirees, the decision starts to make more sense.

“We see that a lot of convention halls only focus on weddings,” Nguyen said.

It’s clear that Nguyen and her team have thought a lot about the value of the business proposal. Weddings are a one-in-a-lifetime experience, she explained. But birthday parties recur annually, so logically there’s more of a need and more occasions for a provider working in that area.

She remembered thinking, “Why are we not focused on the child?”

More than it just making good business sense, Nguyen said their decision to shift to children’s birthday parties is in accordance with the special emphasis put on a child’s first birthday in Vietnamese culture. An age-old belief says that a child who celebrated their first birthday would be healthy enough to live a full, complete life.

Cuisine World

“For Vietnamese, it’s the tradition to host the first birthday party for the kids” and the rest of the family, Nguyen said. “It’s very important for them.”

“We decided we’re going to be the leaders in this market,” she said.

The Cuisine World kids’ package will also include a children's’ menu. This is a far cry from the miniaturized, glammed up junk food you might see on a kids menu elsewhere. Cuisine World’s menu will offer dishes that are friendly to the child’s palate but are also rich in nutritional content, Nguyen said

The kids birthday service will officially debut June 2018.

Adults Can Have Fun Too

For those who are young at heart but are not interested in a "Boss Baby" themed birthday party, the District 3 caterer still has something for you.

Perhaps a soiree that is less about balloons and clowns and more about high-class and great food. Cuisine World can fulfill.

The caterer owns three venues within Robot Tower that can host a broad range of occasions.

On the ground floor, the En Tea house can be reserved for an intimate gatherings. A 350-square-metre event hall on the first floor of Robot Tower can also host private occasions. At the top of Robot Tower, an open-air, covered event space overlooks Dien Bien Phu street and gives a sweeping view of the surrounding city.

Cuisine World

Looking for a more traditional Asian-style dinner? Starting at VND350,000 per person, the caterer offers an eight-dish Asian fusion menu for your special event.

A Western menu of seven dishes is also available for VND150,000 per person.

For larger guest lists Cuisine World offers a generous buffet for VND450,000 per person.

The full service caterer will set up the space you choose with the menu you’ve selected and will even decorate too. The decorations and event venue are already included in the price, so there’s no charge on top of the catering fee itself.

Cuisine World

If you need something a little more exotic, Cuisine World also maintains partnerships with other event spaces and service providers meaning that for example, if you want to have you party on a boat, they can make it happen. With Cuisine World you can have the party of your dreams.

Image source: Cuisine World