The New Saigon Café Restaurant

food - Saigon/HCMC: Nov. 30, 2016

The first buffet of its kind in Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon Café Restaurant is being headed by Sheraton Saigon’s iron-fisted Culinary Director, Chef Lorraine Sinclair, in a fascinating display of live kitchens, customer interaction and open design.

Chef Lorraine has decided to go full-out on Sheraton Saigon’s new eatery. Seven live stations, which include four show areas, are spread over a large, open space overlooking Dong Khoi.

Nothing to Hide

Most of the cooking is done in full view of the guests, with much theatre and interaction. Restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City are starting to embrace the concept of open kitchens, which force chefs to place emphasis on hygiene and presentation.

Some buffets do have live stations (usually for eggs, or frying raw meat and seafood), but Saigon Café Restaurant ensures everything is out in the open, freshly cooked and regularly replenished. Chef Lorraine strictly emphasises consistency to ensure food quality doesn’t vary on a daily basis, something she found in many of the city’s restaurants. 

There's a long group table by the window, along with more intimate seating overlooking Dong Khoi, giving diners a great vantage point for people-watching. The main area is smartly laid out in a spacious, sleek setting designed to make you feel like you’re on a culinary journey, exploring the world’s cuisines.

Saigon Café

Sensational Stations

Saigon Café Restaurant has the following stations.

Robatayaki: This Japanese station offers all sorts of seafood and vegetables, slow-grilled over hot coals.

Seafood Saigon Café

Noodle: With selections from all over Vietnam, all sorts of delicious regional noodle soups are available, as well as some quintessential soups from around Asia.

Vietnamese-Indian (Show Area): A large tandoor grill takes centre stage, with chefs baking naan, various curries and skewers of meat, fish and vegetables. The station also includes Vietnamese and Brazilian dishes. Tandoor sticks with succulent food are brought out from the oven and carried directly to guests’ tables.

Vietnam Indian food

Pan-Asian (Show Area): The selection here spans Asia: Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Thai and Singaporean dishes are all available. Sushi is made fresh, with some creative additions that add a Vietnamese flavour to some popular rolls. Guests can also indulge in some sukiyaki (Japanese hot pot).

Action (Show Area): This is a general grill area, with a plethora of food cooked in front of guests in entertaining ways.

Teppanyaki: This is not your typical teppanyaki grill. In fact, there is no grill at all: the metal plate common to the style is refrigerated, and on it chefs mix home-made ice cream.

Flavours will follow Chef Lorraine’s predominantly British selection (think rhubarb and custard) already available in the hotel’s other venues. With around 35 individual flavours overall, this will make for many interesting combinations.

Desserts (Show Area): The dessert show area is an entire station that displays a delicious selection of professionally made desserts.

Sunday (Adult) Brunch

This brunch is aimed more at the older crowd, as evidenced by the syringe shots of alcohol available as soon as you walk in. There's some simple molecular cuisine, like mojito bubbles. These are made by dropping flavoured liquid into sodium alginate (extracted from brown seaweed), producing spheres that pop inside the guest’s mouth, bursting forth a unique flavo

The brunches are modelled after the enormous affairs popular in the Middle East, where they can last for three or more hours, and constitute an experience all on their own.

Teaching Kids Healthly Eating Habits

Getting kids to eat healthy food is not an easy task. Large, intimidating portions of bizarre foods usually lead children to opt for a burger and fries instead, with some ice cream or cake as a finisher.

Chef Lorraine has made sure Saigon Café Restaurant’s kids' corner has manageable portions of tasty yet healthy food that kids will be up for trying, such as fun salads in small bowls, along with the usual fare of fries and quick snacks that kids love.

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Address: Level 1, Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers, 88 Dong Khoi, D1