Vietnamese Fine Dining Soars at Saigon restaurant Hoi An Sense

food - Saigon/HCMC: July 30, 2018

Imagine sitting on the edge of a canal in Hoi An Ancient town, silk lanterns light up the walkways and lotus flower candles float lazily on water. The gentle sound of someone playing a Vietnamese flute reaches your ears, while the scent of grilled sea bass and lemongrass fills the air.

Now imagine all the historic beauty of Hoi An transferred to an elegant rooftop restaurant in the centre of Saigon.

When you enter Hội An Sense, it is obvious that your dining experience will go beyond the ordinary. Pillars of ancient Lim wood rise up to the wooden rafters, each carved with intricate traditional Vietnamese designs. The restaurant is warmed by the deep red of the wood and soft lighting, while the teal of the hand-painted ceramic plates, the curtains and the tablecloths will remind you of the serenity of water. The picture windows open to a breathtaking view of the Saigon skyline.

hoi an sense

Hội An Sense is located in the convenient Dakao ward in District 1, which is the central point between District 2 and downtown Ho Chi Minh City.

A Top Destination for World Leaders

Since 1998, Hội An Sense, formerly Hội An Restaurant previously located on Le Thanh Ton street, has been wowing customers with its perfectly harmonised combination of decor, Central Vietnamese cuisine and its nightly entertainment shows of live Vietnamese traditional dance, music performances and floating lantern ritual.

Dignitaries such as the Prime Minister of Russia, the Queen and King of Spain, the former President of Iceland and the Prince of Denmark have chosen Hội An Sense as their restaurant of choice while visiting Ho Chi Minh City.

Indeed, the cuisine at Hội An Sense is both refined enough for those with the most discerning palates as well as a delightful experience for any guest who loves excellent food.

While the dishes follow the signature culinary traditions of Central Vietnam the presentation and ingredients are far from everyday. The Bánh Quai Vạc Nhân Tôm và Sò Điệp (Steamed Tapioca Flour Dumplings with Shrimp and Scallop), is arranged on the plate like flower petals. Visually the deep orange of the shrimp contrasts perfectly with the green chives and white dumplings.

hoi an sense

One of the most popular dishes at Hội An Sense is the Spring Rolls “Hoi An” Style. The rolls are filled with minced shrimp and pork and enrobed in rice paper and sesame seeds. They are served with a special dipping sauce, which is made out of gạch tôm (shrimp heads) that are cooked with spices and blended into a savoury paste.Each dish is designed to entice your senses, from the scent of the food to the composition on the plate to the all important flavour.

hoi an sense

Can’t Choose? Try a Set Menu so You Can Taste it All

One of the special features of Hội An Sense is their extensive selection of Set Menus. Tasting menus can be prepared for a minimum of two people and include six to nine different dishes. From meats marinated in “secret” sauces that have been passed down through generations to the warming taste of Vietnamese traditional sweet tofu with ginger syrup, diners can indulge in all the phenomenal flavours of Central Vietnamese food.

The dishes marry nicely with the Morning Light beverage, which is a combination of chrysanthemum tea, lychee, honey and lotus beans. Or for those who are connoisseurs of wine, Hội An Sense has a wide-ranging wine list that features bottles from France, Italy, Spain and Chile among other regions. Wines can be paired with each course upon request.

Choose a table next to the relaxing Koi fish pond where you can have a perfect view of the stage if you would like to enjoy the performances that will give you a taste of the traditional culture and heritage of Vietnam. Or reserve a place near the windows where the lights from the city will beckon as you enjoy the opulent beauty of the food and decor.

hoi an sense

Hội An Sense is an excellent choice for a wonderful evening meal but the delicious set lunches make the restaurant ideal for a peaceful lunchtime getaway as well.

Whether you were a regular at the restaurant’s previous location or a first-time visitor, you’ll be impressed by the attention to detail that went into creating the decor, the atmosphere, and most importantly the food at Hội An Sense. Don’t miss out, book your table today to experience the best of Hoi An right in the centre of Saigon.

Private Dining and Tailored Events

Hội An Sense is housed in the Opus Saigon building, which is also part of the Oriental Saigon restaurant group. Hội An Sense is perched on the sixth floor of the building, which also features five floors filled with reception and private dining rooms of different styles and sizes. The location is perfect for creating a bespoke event.

The King room on the 1st floor can host up to 100 people for a seated dinner, while the Melody room is ideal for an intimate gathering for 12. Melody features a space filled with rare feng shui artefacts and a seating area for guests to relax with fine wine and cigars. There is even a grand piano for a musical evening. The Gourmet room has an open-space kitchen located within the room, so that guests can watch the chef’s performance as he or she prepares the dishes.

hoi an sense

The best part of these private dining rooms? You only need to reserve in advance and decide on the menu, Opus will do the rest.

The team at Opus Saigon can tailor the menu to your needs and create the right mood for a wedding reception, a birthday dinner or even a company gala event. Your friends and colleagues will feel like VIP guests as they’re hosted in an exclusive space with food to match the luxurious atmosphere.


Hoi An Sense | Rooftop, 12 Phan Ke Binh, Dakao Ward, District 1. HCMC

Open hours: Morning: 11:30 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. Dinner: 5:30 p.m. to 10:45 p.m.

Phone: (+84) 28 3823 7694 | Website:


Image source: Hội An Sense Restaurant