Welcome to Tandoor: Serving the Best Indian Food in Ho Chi Minh City Since 1997

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Welcome to Tandoor Indian Restaurant

Authentic Indian Food

Indian Food delivered right to your door

Welcome to Tandoor Indian Restaurant

Welcome to Tandoor! For over 20 years our goal has been to provide the best, authentic Indian cuisine to visitors and residents of Ho Chi Minh City. Our team of talented chefs have come to Vietnam from across India, bringing with them the knowledge and traditions of a variety of regional cuisines. If you love Indian food, and are living in or visiting Ho Chi Minh City, Tandoor is the best Indian restaurant for you to try!

Tandoor Saigon Indian Restaurant

About Tandoor

In 1997, the founder of Tandoor, Mr Subhash, realised that there were no Indian restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City. Deciding that the restaurant should be well located for everyone to enjoy, he opened Tandoor Indian restaurant in District 1 and started serving authentic Indian food as the first Indian restaurant in Saigon! Nowadays, of course, there are many more Indian restaurants in the city, but Tandoor stands just a few metres from Nguyen Hue, and continues to follow Mr Subhash’s dream of serving the best, authentic Indian food to the people of Ho Chi Minh City!

The Restaurant

When you arrive at Tandoor you may be surprised by the stylish, modern interior of this beautiful restaurant. The large windows that run the whole length of the restaurant make Tandoor a wonderful spot for watching the hustle and bustle of downtown Ho Chi Minh City, in the comfort of an air-conditioned dining room. The clean, minimalist interior is decorated with stylish accessories and decorative features that introduce a taste of Indian art and culture to the restaurant, whilst fresh flowers and simple table settings create an elegant atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy your favourite Indian dishes.

Tandoor Saigon Indian Restaurant

When you arrive at the restaurant, our well trained and friendly staff are always happy to help you choose from the extensive menu of Indian dishes that are available. Lead by our restaurant manager, Mr Taj, everyone is well informed about the different dishes and varieties of Indian food. This means that you can be confident that our staff will help you to enjoy a delicious and authentic Indian meal every time you visit Tandoor!

If you prefer to enjoy Tandoor’s dishes in the comfort of your own home, we are pleased to offer both delivery and take away services to Tandoor’s customers. With over 200 authentic Indian dishes available for delivery or to take away, plus a selection of wines, beers and spirits, Tandoor provides everything that you need to enjoy a delicious Indian meal, without lifting a finger! 

Enjoy a variety of authentic Indian Food from a variety of regions

The Menu

At Tandoor we offer a wide variety of authentic Indian dishes; halal, vegan and vegetarian included! Here are some of the highlights on our menu.

North Indian highlight: Chicken Butter Masala 

Of course, there are many differences between North Indian and South Indian food, but generally speaking, North Indian food is richer and uses meat more often than in the South. A delicious Chicken Butter Masala is an excellent example of a popular northern Indian dish and is a best seller at Tandoor.

Tandoor Saigon Indian Restaurant

Using the freshest ingredients our chicken is first marinaded to make sure it is beautifully tender and flavourful when it arrives on your plate. Once infused with the delicious flavours of Tandoor’s special blend of expertly sourced spices the chicken is cooked in a tasty onion and tomato gravy. The result is a wonderfully creamy, and not too spicy, Chicken Butter Masala. Totally delicious whether served along with naan, roti or any of our wide variety of rice dishes. 

South Indian highlight: Dosa

One of the Southern specialities at Tandoor, we actually offer a variety of dosa dishes including Mysore Masala Dosa and Rava Dosa for you to enjoy. If you are not familiar with this famous dish from the southern regions of India, ‘dosa’ are similar to a crepe or pancake. But rather than being made from flour and water, dosa are made from a batter made from lentils and rice. The batter is fermented before being cooked on a hot griddle pan and being served with a variety of fillings or sides. In India it is a popular breakfast dish, but we think that it tastes wonderful at any time of day! 

If these highlights have got you interested in the variety of Indian food available at Tandoor, you can check out the full menu here. We’re sure that there will be something for every taste! 

Enjoy Indian Food Delivered right to your door! 


Although we love to welcome everyone to Tandoor, we understand that sometimes everyone just craves an Indian take away! That’s why Tandoor also offers delivery to many areas of Ho Chi Minh City free of charge. If you are located within 10km of our restaurant, we will deliver Ho Chi Minh City’s best Indian food to your door without a fee. If you are further away, we will still deliver but we will inform you of the necessary delivery fee when you place your order. 

Tandoor Saigon Indian Restaurant

Our full delivery menu is available to see here, so why not take a look and see how you can enjoy an authentic taste of India, in the comfort of your own home! 

Other requests

Our goal at Tandoor is to offer you the best possible experience every time you choose to dine with us. For that reason, we are proud to offer an excellent variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes whether you dine in or order delivery. We also provide premium quality halal dishes, carefully prepared by our expert chefs. 

If you have any other requirements, please contact us using any of the methods below and we’ll be happy to try and accommodate your requests. 

We look forward to welcoming you to Tandoor very soon. 

Contact Us 

Contact details for Tandoor Indian Restaurant:
To order for delivery, visit TandoorVietnam.com
To reserve a table click here and scroll to reservations
To contact us with specific dietary requirements or other inquiries please email tandoor@tandoorvietnam.com or call (+84) 9 0230 2513

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